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Fast Track & Spartacus: Wk 3, Day 1 - Mon, 13-Feb-2012

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  • This is a very busy week.  Have a lot of writing to do, 2 full day field trips, car needs an oil change, family coming into town this week, family gathering, 2 life groups, parties Fri-Sun.  Gotta stay on track.
  • Life is short, I am reminded once again as I learned today a friend that had gone missing last Wednesday was found dead yesterday.  I am very saddened for him and his family.  He and his wife has made a big, positive difference in my life.
  • Cooked a dozen hard-boiled eggs yesterday. 
  • I haven't counted really anything than the number hours I sleep a night and repetitions in my exercises, but for the next 2 weeks, I am going to see how much sugar I am consuming - joining Scott Colby's Facebook Challenge to keep to 15g or fewer of sugar.  I'm pretty sure that since 27-Jan-2012 that I have probably been eating < 15g/day if not < 10g/day.
  • My blood pressure was 122/82, 65 bpm this morning, so the past few days maintaining  My cell alarm going off is always startling, which I take my BP a few minutes after this.  I'm thinking I'm not giving my body enough rest during my menstrual cycle and may nap again today.  I'm also feeling a bit depressed about my friend's death.  Though this is a good BP for me, I'd like to see it about 110/68, 55 bpm or lower as I continue to drop bodyfat and get fitter.  Eventually I'd like to be off my heart meds, this year, if possible. 
  • Wasn't hungry for either of my snacks, so I didn't eat.
  • Found purple cauliflower as well as green.  A little pricey, but hope it's worth it.  Looking forward to eating it within the next week.
  • Made a bunch of parmesan-cumin-garlic powder-thyme-oregano chicken tenders on broil.  If my kids don't eat them, it should last me about 5-7 meals.
  • Made enough salmon broiled for 2-3 meals, unless my kids chow down on this.
  • For those on Scott Colby's exercise stuff, you can take 10 of his exercises and make them into a Spartacus workout by doing 60:15 intervals.  Scott has a ton of cool exercises.
  • 8g Total of Sugar today

SMARTER GOAL:  See how things go with my wrist and if things don't workout, then change the exercises to what I can do without my left wrist hurting.  --->  Success.  No issues with my wrist.

SLEEP:  9:45 pm - 6:30 am (8.75 hrs) - Still felt a little tired this morning.  Guessing it's caused by my menstrual cycle.

7:15 am - 3 Probiotics
9:00 am - Heart Meds, 3 Multi-Vitamins, 3 EFAs, 4 Ca/Mg/Z
8:00 pm - 3 Multi-Vitamins, Heart Meds, 1 EFA

EATINGJorge Cruise's Fast Track Menu (Day 15)
Breakfast - Eggs & Cheese
Meal 1 @ 9:15 am:   3 eggs scrambled with yellow onions, sea salt & ground pepper with a little grapeseed oil ---> almost was going to have cottage cheese again, but 3 breakfasts in a row would be too many times, so I forced myself to make eggs.  I wanted something green in it, but was too lazy to chop cilantro or parsley  (0g sugar total) 

Post Workout Smoothie

Meal 2 @ 12:55 pm:  Post-Workout smoothie (2 scoops low sugar protein powder), a handful of baby spinach, cinnamon, icey water ---> tastes better without the spinach, but the spinach has good greens nutrients  (3g sugar total - 1 from spinach, 2 from protein powder) 

Meal 3 - Salad w/Tuna
Meal 3 @ 1:20 pm:  handful of wild arugula, 1/4 orange pepper sliced, 1/2 avocado sliced, 4 oz dark fin tuna in olive oil, a little crumbled blue cheese  (<1g sugar total)

Meal 4 - Salmon & Brussel Sprouts
Meal 4 @ 6:45 pm:   4-5 oz wild coho salmon broiled w/lemon pepper, sea salt, lemon slices, brussel sprouts & crimini mushrooms sauteed in butter & sea salt (4g sugar total)  ---> This was a little too much food, but I ate it all.  Feeling too full.  Ugghhh.


Equipment UsedYoga mat, Polar Heartrate Monitor RS200SD, GymBoss Timer, Swiss Ball, Pampered Chef Timer, Milk Crate

Warmup (2 rounds):  3:12
  • Pushups x 8
  • Squats x 12
  • Spiderman Climbs x 10 total
  • Jumping Jacks x 20

Funk Roberts - Spartacus Workout #3 (3 rounds):  Each exercise is max reps in 60 sec followed with 15 sec rest all the way through.  1 Round = 12:30.  This is a 41 min. workout not including warmup and cooldown.
1.  DB Curl & Press Up w/10# DBs - Reps = 12, 13, 14
2.  Pushup Alternating Forward Punch & Opposite Rear Kick - Reps = 16, 23, 25
3.  Bench Jump Ups on Milk Crate - Reps = 16, 16, 16
4.  Swiss Ball Planks - Reps = 60 sec, 60 sec, 60 sec
5.  Walkouts - Reps = 10, 11, 14
6.  Lying Swiss DB Press w/15# DBs - Reps = 18, 13, 13
7.  High Knee Stationary Run - Reps = 190, 188, 180
8.  Swiss Ball Crunch  - Reps = 40, 44, 50
9.  Spiderman Pushups - Reps = 20, 21, 25
10.  Skater Hops - Reps = 40, 42, 39

Cooldown12:03 ---> I focused more on upper body stretching out today, but also did lower body.  No foam roller today and just didn't feel like stretching out as much today.

Warmup:  Max HR = 133 bpm, Avg HR = 116 bpm
Round 1:  Max HR = 150 bpm, Avg HR = 132 bpm
Round 2:  Max HR = 157 bpm, Avg HR = 141 bpm
Round 3:  Max HR = 162 bpm, Avg HR = 148 bpm
Cooldown:  Max HR = 155 bpm, Avg HR = 128 bpm

Total Time:  59:31
Calories Burned:  836
Max HR:  162 bpm
Avg HR:  137 bpm

Zone 1 = 9:13, Zone 2 = 12:49, Zone 3 = 14:37, Zone 4 = 12:21, Zone 5 = 1:26

Notes:  This was a decent workout.  I couldn't get as many reps as I had hoped in some of the exercises, but maybe will do better on Wed or Sat.  I cannot workout on Fri as schedule is too packed, so will do Sat morning.

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