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I've successfully completed Jorge Cruise's Belly Fat Cure Fast Track 2-Week Ultimate Carb Swap and it was really SUPER easy.  Seriously, I mean it was so hilariously easy that I'm still in shock 2 weeks later at how easy this was.  Of course, some things that made it easy were:
  • I love eating vegetables (raw or cooked).
  • I was already limiting my fruit intake somewhat.
  • Had a lot of nutritious and single ingredient items at home, healthy stuff.
  • K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple Smarty
  • I already love to exercise.
  • Already worked on a lot of mental junk, getting rid of, which has taken years.
So, when Jorge's book said there would be NO GRAINS OR BEANS, I balked initially.  I didn't think I could do it.  I'm Chinese and we eat RICE!  And, I love my beans, afterall, I thought beans were totally full of protein, fiber and healthy for you.  BUT, they are also starch ladened.

Jorge had 14-pages of his 14-day menu.  One page for each day.  It spells out what you're to eat and each meal was simple.  Literally, there was no meal that could not be prepared within 10 min., usually less.

Loved the grocery list he gave.  It was easy. 

As a very analytical, data gathering person, sometimes I get jumbled in the muck and mire of details and too much stuff.  I remember reading the recipe and thinking, if God helps me, I can do this. 

Things that helps me be successful:
  • Realizing my dependence on God and asking Him to help me through all of this.
  • Taking one meal at a time.
  • Having enough food and different types for the whole week.
  • Having enough different "options" - lots of different greens, proteins, nuts, spices, herbs, fats
  • Making meals colorful & attractive, but easy to do.
  • Use smaller plates.  I don't have any regular plates.  Everything is size of a salad plate or smaller.
  • Be grateful for what you are eating and enjoy every bite.
  • I found I love creaminess, crunch, and a little salt or zing/tang.  Most meals have at least 1 of these textures.
  • Easy access.
  • A little prior planning - like cook up extra chicken, beef, fish, eggs.
  • Eat what you love, and not what you don't.  I hated brussel sprouts before this, but sauteeing them in butter helps make them really tasty and now I love brussel sprouts.
  • It's gotta be delicious.
  • Own what you eat. 
It's the grains & starches that cause those intense cravings where you need willpower!  I cannot reiterate that.  I've done many days on low sugar, but still had what is considered good grains and I tell you, it was awful trying to curb those cravings.

Not eating the grains & starches, I don't need willpower to resist anything.  There are 4 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, some pizza rolls, pizza, crackers, even hummus, brown rice, tortellini (dried), rice noodles.  I have ZERO inclination to eat them and it's not becasue I'm resisting at all.  I just don't feel like it.  It's like someone turned off the switch to cravings.

I even did this, took a cookie out (samoa) and smelled it deepely and put it back in the package.  It smelled alright, but I know I can make a dark chocolate (85% cacao) coconut ball with ground nuts that will be even more satisfying, low in sugar, and healthy that won't have me wanting to eat a bunch of the balls and come crashing down in sugar afterwards.

It's truly a strange thing.  If you can eliminate cravings, that would help so many people drop bodyfat.  Since I measured 2 days ago, my waist is another 0.25" smaller.  How cool is that?  Every day nearly, the scale is moving down in weight.  My clothes are fitting looser and my belly rolls are getting smaller.

Praise God!  Praise God!

So, eating correctly (low sugar, no grains/starches, plenty of protein & non-starchy veggies, good nuts & fats, spices/herbs) with good exercise (but not overdo this), getting enough sleep, it's all finally coming together.  I am so thankful to God that what the enemy meant for evil, God is turning it around.

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