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Mark Sisson is another resource I will be using.  His eating plan is a little stricter in that there is no dairy in his stuff.  Though I am semi-lactose intolerant, I do like some dairy in very small quantities.  Thankfully I have a genetic stop mechanism that tells me when too much is enough, so there is no chance of me drinking a gallon of milk, eating tons of cheese, or sitting down to a half gallon of ice cream EVER.  Diarrhea and stomach pains will set in.

As I've referred to in the past, Mark's book copyrighted 2011, The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation has a lot of great information.  I have read about 1/2 the book and it's fantastic, but I had to return the book to my friend.  I have a copy on hold at the library and when it comes available hopefully soon, I'll be able to finish reading it.  Like Jorge's book, I haven't decided whether I really need to spend the money to buy these books, as what I'm recapping and the information they provide is sufficient to keep me going. 

I understand and can implement the key concepts, which is highly important.  Being able to IMPLEMENT in real life key concepts and be successful in following through is better than having a ton of knowledge and doing nothing with it, or getting so wrapped up in the muck and mire that it does no earthly good. 

Mark has an updated & expanded edition to the original The Primal Blueprint that was released less than a month ago and has really good reviews.  I may get that at some point in time if the library won't have it, but right now, the libraries have most of his books minus the one that just came out.  There is a long wait list, but he provides a lot of information in his newsletters and blog at Mark's Daily Apple

Here are some other free resources from his site (you have to subscribe to him & it comes with a daily newsletter):

Anyway, a lot of the recipes I looked at were pretty yummy and easy.  After I finish Jorge's stuff, I'll throw in some of Mark's stuff and do a combination of both and look for other low-sugar, no grain/starch recipes of some of our favorite foods or modify recipes we like to go in that direction.

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