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FTSW Week 1 - Body Stats - Sat, 4-Feb-12

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Date:  Sat, 2/4/12

Bodyfat mm = 20.5 mm (-3.5 mm)
Bodyfat %: = 30.8% - from Tom Venuto's chart for Women Ages 41-45 (-2.2%)
Scale Weight = Xsw lbs (-5 lbs)
LBM + Water = Xlbm lbs (+1.2 lbs)
Bodyfat = Xbf lbs (-6.2 lbs)

Neck:  13.75" (-0.75")
- Left:  12.75" (-0.25") 
- Right:  12.63"  (-0.70")
- Left:  10.75" (-0.25")
- Right:  11.0" (-0.25")

Chest (at Nipples):  40" (-2.0")
Under Breasts:  34.5" (-0.5")
Waist (Smallest Area):  33" (-1.0") 
Belly Button (2" Below):  40" (-2.0") 
Hips (Widest):  42.5" (-0.50")

Upper Thighs
- Left:  24" (-0.75") 
- Right:  24.75" (-0.25") 
Mid Thighs
- Left: 20.75" (-0.25") 
- Right:  21" (no change)
Calves (Widest) 
- Left:  16.38" (-0.12")
- Right:  16.75" (no change)

Total Inches:  374.5" (-9.25")

WEEKLY (Gained/Released):
Inches = -9.25"
Weight = -5.0 lbs
LBM (lbs) = +1.2 lbs
Bodyfat (lbs) = -6.2 lbs
Bodyfat % = -2.2%

NET (Gained/Released): 7 Days
Inches = -9.25"
Weight = -5.0 lbs
LBM (lbs) = +1.2 lbs
Bodyfat (lbs) = -6.2 lbs
Bodyfat % = -2.2%

Notes: I was hoping that my bodyfat would be more, but really, a 6.2 lb bodyfat release is HUGE!  Looking back at my typical results, that is not typical.  Anyway, Jorge Cruise's Fast Track says that you can lose up to 14 lbs in the first 14 days.  Guess anything from 0.25 lb to 14 lbs is where I am.  Anyway, I only completed Day 5, however, I started my measurements and eliminating grain actually on Friday, 27-Jan-2012.  But, the weight I'm going off of is what I got last Saturday.

Saturdays seem to work better for me in terms of doing my measurements, photos and video.  Definitely cutting out grains/starches makes a HUGE difference in terms of being able to release bodyfat.  Keeping sugars low is allowing me stable energy levels all day long from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed.  My diet is probably moderate fat, and not low fat.  So, if I really wanted to go that route when I get close to 15%, I could, but probably won't.  We'll see.

Hopefully all the rest of the weeks can be just as easy if not easier.

I'm looking to maintain lean body mass (LBM) and basically only reduce bodyfat.  By cutting out grains/starches and keeping sugars low, that should put my body in ketosis, where the body is using fat for fuel instead of sugar.  In the past, because of a diet in grains/starches (low to moderate), that did not allow me to shed the bodyfat and I still had cravings having a low to moderate grain/starch in my diet.

Honestly, I've never gone this long (8.5 days) without any real cravings.  Hope this continues this way.  Now to get my blood pressure to healthy states and get off these heart meds.

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