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Things I Use and Where I Buy, Part 2

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  • TriMedica Silva Solution Pro50 Super Strength Liquid Silver, 8 fl oz (240 ml) - This is for colds & flu, runny noses, cough, stuffy nose, nausea, headaches, sore throat.  I got this from Vital Health AZ @ 480-363-3475.  TriMedica is located in Tempe ( @ 1-800-800-8849).
  • Sprouts Oregano Oil Carvacrol 70, 120 liquid veggies caps @ 510 mg Oil of Oregano - This helps for all sorts of things, but I'm using this in combo for my cough, body aches, sore throat, congestion.  I chose Sprouts brand, but there are other brands like Gaia, which is good.

  • Tropical Traditions Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, 1 gal. - I've been buying from Tropical Traditions for years online, probably 10 yrs or more.  I prefer to buy coconut oil by the gallon when it's on sale with free shipping.  Saves me a lot of money than buying at a local grocery store.  I use coconut oil not only in cooking, but also on my skin.  A lot of people compliment me on my skin, and I use their moisturizer, as well as their deodorant and scrubs.  I really love their products.  If you click on the link after the bullet, it will direct you to their site and if you're a first time customer, they will give me a $25 gift cert to use for referring them. 
  • I use their Baby Silk Moisturizer for many years now, and I've used expensive stuff like Prescriptives, Mac, Lancome, Phytomer or less expensive like Philosophy or MaryKay, etc. and always come back to Tropical Traditions.  I go through about 2 jars a year and pay anywhere from $9-20/container (depends if I buy bulk or not).  I usually pay between $12-15, though.  My kids use it, too.  For deodorant, I buy in bulk either Unscented or Frankincense, which contains no Aluminum.   These are the products we mostly buy, but I am trying some hair oil, and I've used their scrubs, other moisturizers, too.

  • 2 Tone Teeth Dye, 2 oz (59 ml) by Young Dental Manufacturing ( - I got this from my local dentist for $9.99 (no tax) to help identify whether my kids were brushing their teeth properly or not.  It stains old plaque blue and new plaque red.  I give this to them (a couple drops under their tongue & they swish in their mouth) after they brush their teeth to see if they did a good enough job flossing and brushing.  This gives them a good visual as to where they are brushing/flossing well enough or not and to improve in those areas.  Adults can use this, too.  Having good dental hygiene is important and does impact your health.

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