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Fast Track & Spartacus: Wk 1, Day 3 - Wed, 1-Feb-2012

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  • Went to bed earlier last night.  Good deal.
  • 6th day of no starches/grains/low sugar & whole foods.  No energy dips at all through the day.
  • My weight is up 2 lbs from yesterday morning.  No worries.
  • Keep pictures of your goal in mind.  Every day, multiple times I look at what I would look like if I were 15%. 
  • Commit.  That's not a bad word.
  • Felt much hungrier overall after working out.  Ate more today.
  • I've not been much of a brussel sprouts person, neither my kids, but doing it in some butter, sea salt & ground pepper sauteeing all that for a few minutes, then turning off the heat, covering it for another few minutes makes it really yummy.  We are out of brussel sprouts and I need to get more.  Not a bad place to be.   Everyone wanted and craved for 2nds.
  • Felt energized all day, particularly in the evening, like I consumed a bunch of caffeine (I did not).
  • Had zero desire to eat cheesecake & muffins at life group.  A miracle.  Praise God!  I brought my dinner and ate it at the beginning of life group.  Helps to not be hungry.  Didn't feel like I had to resist as I made a choice to not eat sugars, starches, grains.  I saw my goal.
  • One choice at a time.
  • Got a lot of prayer and one of the things prayed over me was that only good words would come from my mouth, particularly for myself.
  • Leaning on God throughout the day.

SMARTER GOAL:  Stay on track this evening with eating (not eating) while I'm at life group.  I have tended to be a social eater.  Also, leave life group by 9:30 pm so I can get to sleep on time to get enough sleep.

SLEEP:  9:45 pm - 6:00 am - 8.25 hrs.  I woke up a number of times cold.  Felt too lazy to get up and turn the fan off.  Was warm before I went to bed.  Normally I have the heater on.  Woke up before my alarm and felt rested.  Still have a mild headache from BP still too high.  Lower than it was last night, though.

7:30 am - Heart Meds, 3 Multi-Vitamins, 3 Probiotics, 3 EFAs
10:15 pm - 3 Multi-Vitamins, Heart Meds, 1 EFA, 2 Ca/Mg/Z

EATINGJorge Cruise's Fast Track Menu (Day 3)
Meal 1 @ 8:30 am:   1/2 cup low fat cottage cheese, about 1/4 cup raw walnuts, cinnamon

Meal 2 @ 10:15 pm:  1/4 cup raw almonds

Meal 3 @ 1:15 pm:  1 serving of protein powder (low in sugar) mixed with water; 2 pieces chicken tenders (equiv to 2/3 chicken breast) seasoned with cumin, grated parmesan, ground pepper grilled on a George Foreman grill sprayed lightly with olive oil, 1 cup broccoli & 1/3 cup cauliflower sauteed w/a 1/2 tbpspn butter

Meal 4 @ 4:00 pm:  1 oz raw cheddar cheese

Meal 5 @ 7:00 pm:  1/4 lb sirloin patty (85% lean) seasoned with African smokey spices, ground pepper sauteed, sea salt, 1/2 cup brussel sprouts & 1/3 cup mushrooms sauteed in 1 tbspn butter, seasoned with sea salt & ground pepper

Meal 6 @ 10:30 pm:  1/3 lb sirloin patty (85% lean), 1 cup brussel sprouts ---->  I was super hungry and figured if I was going to eat something, this wasn't bad.  My goal is to not really eat past 7 pm, but I went to life group and all the yummy foods (desserts - cheesecake) that I did not eat.  I probably should've just had a little piece of chocolate, but I wasn't craving sweets, rather real foods.  This meal was not on Jorge's meal plan.


Equipment UsedYoga mat, Polar Heartrate Monitor RS200SD, GymBoss Timer, two 12 lb DBs, one 15 lb DB, Swiss Ball, Pampered Chef Timer

Warmup (2 rounds):  3:06
Pushups x 8 reps
Squats x 12 reps
Spiderman Climbs x 10 reps
Jumping Jacks x 20 reps

Funk Roberts - Spartacus Workout #1 (2 rounds):  Each exercise is max reps in 60 sec followed with 15 sec rest all the way through.  1 Round = 12:30.  This is a 41 min. workout not including warmup and cooldown.
1.  Alternating DB Swing w/one 15# DB - Reps = 34, 34, 27 (better this time)
2.  Half Burpee w/Jack Split (stay down in plank position whole time) - Reps = 23, 24, 27 (better this time)
3.  Alternating DB SOTS Press w/one 12# (Stay in down Squat Position & Turn to Each Side to Press Up) - Reps = 18, 19, 16 (better this time)
4.  Bicycle Crunch on Ground - Reps = 82, 72, 70 (worse this time)
5.  Pushups (girly kind) - Reps = 31, 38, 33 (better this time)
6.  Goblet DB Squat w/one 15# DB (DB held at upper chest) - Reps = 29, 25, 24 (better this time)
7.  Alternating Side Plank Reach Under - Reps = 36, 33, 30 (better this time)
8.  Sprawls (Jump back as in burpee w/feet wide, push hip to floor to cobra position, jump up) - Reps = 7, 7, 7 (better this time)
9.  Rollups on Swiss Ball (Shins on Ball) - Reps 25, 23, 23 (better this time)
10.  Double DB Cleans w/two 12# DBs - Reps = 19, 17, 16 (better this time)

Cooldown12:32 ---> stretching out entire body from neck to ankles

Warmup:  Max HR = 135 bpm, Avg HR = 121 bpm
Round 1:  Max HR = 156 bpm, Avg HR = 144 bpm ---> Worked harder today this round
Round 2:  Max HR = 164 bpm, Avg HR = 153 bpm ---> Worked harder today this round
Round 2:  Max HR = 164 bpm, Avg HR = 154 bpm ---> Starting to poop out
Cooldown:  Max HR = 153 bpm, Avg HR = 134 bpm

Total Time:  57:27
Calories Burned:  885
Max HR:  164 bpm
Avg HR:  145 bpm

Zone 1 = 2:44, Zone 2 = 7:34, Zone 3 = 15:27, Zone 4 = 20:00, Zone 5 = 7:39

Notes:  Today's workout went much better than Monday's.  It helps to have some food in the system to make it through the workout and this is the second time doing this workout.  Today I did 3 rounds of the routine rather than the 2 rounds Monday.  Even after I finished, I felt good, but glad it was over.

Today I did better on 9 of the exercises compared to Monday's numbers in reps as well as in form.  Hopefully on Friday I'll do even better than today.  I thought my heartrates would drop because I'm repeating the workout, but to my surprise, they actually increased.  Let's see what happens on Friday and next week as I'll have over a week's worth of low sugar, no grain/no starch eating and a week's worth of exercising.

What will be even more interesting are Weeks 3 & 4, those results.  By then, my body will have adapted to this way of eating and hope instead of my body wanting to burn sugar, it will finally allow me to regularly burn fat isntead.  I have about 40-50 lbs of bodyfat I'd like to get rid of to get to my goal. 

I can see a vast difference between Monday and today in not only exercise, but my mental alertness, energy levels, hunger.  My blood sugar levels seem to be stabilizing some, at least from how I feel.  I have no clue blood testing wise.

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