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This is so easy that either of my kids can make this also.  It has far fewer calories than rice itself, and it much quicker to cook, though, it does take just a little more preparation.  I'm not going to give amounts as you can vary this to however you want.

  • cauliflower
  • grapeseed oil (or whatever fat you want or none at all)
  • garlic, minced
  • sea salt & ground pepper, to taste

  • Coursely chop cauliflower and put in food processor to chop more finely, until about the consistency of a grain of short-grain rice.  For a whole head of cauliflower, this took me about 3-4 food processors full, dumping into a larger bowl before sauteeing.  If you don't have a food processor, then you can chop by hand thin slices, then crumble with your hands, and use the knife to more finely chop.  This can get quite messy and takes a little longer, but doable. 
  • About to be sauteed
    Finished product - Cauli-Rice with Garlic
    Saute cauliflower in oil or butter with garlic, salt & pepper for a few minutes on medium-high heat.  It does not take long to cook.
  • If you are serving this with another dish that has a sauce or has plenty of flavoring, you may not want to add the salt or pepper.  You can make this into a fried cauli-rice, too, buy adding eggs, veggies, meat, even some fruit - whatever you would add to fried rice.   Just make sure to cut things up small.       
Sorry my pictures are yellowish.  They are cell phone pics and the lighting in the kitchen is awful.  If I took from my digital camera, which would give better pics, it takes me awhile to load those pics up and then it's too late.  So, most pics displayed in this blog will be from my cell phone.  No smart phone.

Cauli-Rice can be used in place in many recipes that call for rice.  However, probably not all.  You can make these in big batches, which I think I will do for my kids.  I'm thrilled to learn how to do this and can still enjoy my foods with sauces and serve over this cauli-rice.  That satisfies the Chinese in me with fewer calories, more fiber & taste.

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