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Wk 2, Day 5 - Fri, 14-Jan-2011

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SMARTER GOAL:  Do a light workout and listen to my body.

Did not meet my goal.

SLEEP RECEIVED:   9:45 pm - 6:30 pm (8.25 hrs) ----> There was a 1/2 hr from 11:45 pm to 12:15 am I woke up.  Feel well-rested.  Inspite of taking a 3 hr nap yesterday, I fell asleep easily when I went to bed.

WATER CONSUMED (Goal is 102 oz):
Drank 11 oz by 7:45 am 
Drank 11 oz by 10:30 pm
Drank 22 oz by 7:30 pm ----> didn't drink much water today; didn't feel like it

Meal 1 (7:30 am):  2 Prograde krill (EFA) capsules, 8 Priority One Women's Formula capsules, 3 scrambled eggs, 1 tbspn olive oil  [345 calories, 19 g protein]

Meal 2 (10:30 am):  2 homemade Chinese turnip cakes, 1 pink grapefruit (skin off the segments) [probably about 400 calories]

----> This is the last of the turnip cakes for now.  They were yummy.  Feeling a bit nauseated today.  It started yesterday.  The grapefruit seemed to help.  There's usually a few days a month where I feel nauseated.  Hate that.

Meal 3 (6:45 pm):  2 veggie burger patties (300 calories, 2 g sugar, 36 g protein), 2 slices of toasted sprouted grain barley bread (140 calories, 6 g sugar, 6 g protein), 1 tbspn reduced fat organic mayo (35 calories), 2 slices tomato, romaine lettuce, dijon whole grain mustard (70 calories), a slice of muenster cheese (80 calories, 9 g protein), 1/2 Claussen pickle (7.5 calories) [635.5 calories, 8 g sugar, 51 g protein] 

-----> I was still hungry after I ate this, but didn't eat anymore food.  1400 calories is a bit low for me, but I didn't feel hungry and want to eat in the afternoon.  It was a P day and I wasn't supposed to have any bread, but I had 2 slices.  I just wanted it and was so hungry.


NO EXERCISE:  My knees are feeling a bit better, but not there.  There is still some pain in my left knee.  Right knee feels okay.  Just got wrapped up in too many things yesterday even if I did feel good, I wouldn't have gotten in any exercise.

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