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If you're tracking my daily journals, the best way to tell what I actually did that day is to check after the day has been completed.  I start off writing in my journal and my plans for the day, but often some aspects change for whatever reasons. 

Pictures gradually are put in posts, as well as links and other information as they occur or after the fact. 

For now, since I went a month without super strictness in my diet, I'm doing a bit more to get back on track.  Once I'm on track, I'll ease up and stop the calorie counting.  The pictures of my meals typically come from my cell phone as it's just easier to upload than to unhook things for my digital camera pics.

The pictures idea of what I eat came from Scott Colby, the Abs Expert on something he posted on Facebook Page.  It helps keeps one's portion sizes under control, but makes me want to pay more attention to presentation of food, too.  I totally love a variety of colors and for food not only to be delcious but to look good.

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