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Wk 3, Day 4 - Thurs, 20-Jan-2011

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This isn't going to follow the normal style of my journal as I don't really feel like it and short on time.  For now, I'll just somewhat track my eating and whatever I feel like it.

Today I ate:  2 egg over easy sandwich (2 slices sprouted grain barley with butter, 2 slices of lite meunster cheese, eggs) for breakfast; chicken lasagna for lunch, beef & meatball rice penne pasta dish.  It's only 3 meals and way too much complex carbs, but the latter 2 meals tasted good.

The 2 slices of cheese was too much and it probably would've tasted better if I put hummus or guacamole instead.  This sandwich didn't taste very good.

Trigger Point Work - Did this 3 different times using the massage balls on my legs.  Still sharp pains in my knees. 

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