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Almost Back At It

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Things have been so stressful and it's mainly mental & emotional for me.  Today I helped out at my kids' school with their 100th Day of School and 10 Yr Anniversary for the school.  Have my own thoughts there as out of the many hundreds of kids in the school, only about 6-7 parents helped out (at least for all the morning activities). 

Haven't been getting enough sleep most days (either 6 hrs or less most days) and really need it due to the stressors.  Wiped out today that I didn't feel too much like helping out in the afternoon with the celebrations.  Had just enough, but did get to spend time with another mommy who regularly volunteers just like me at the school. 

It seems like the kids had fun overall, so who am I to be a grouch?

Today is the first day I didn't feel any pain in my knees, especially the left knee, so Thursday I'm going to sparingly do some working out because I'm really itching to get back to working out.  Will take it somewhat easy and I'll probably attempt some jump roping, but maybe only do 5 min. intervals instead.

I've come across some really good teleseminar archives of The Healing Code online.  Will share these another time.  Haven't been at the computer much to write or to read much.

Gina -- I checked out your blog and I love it.  Love the colors, as purple is my favorite color.  I've had no time to work on my blog, especially those tabs.  Uggh.  I haven't fully checked it out yet, meaning reading all your entries, but I will.  I'll also put a link to your blog when I update my links, k?  I'll pray for you, too.

I am frustrated about the injuries and not sure why it's happening or what is weak in my body causing them or maybe the repetitive & intenseness is just identifying the weaknesses in my body and now I need to allow them to heal and strengthen them appropriately and treat them well?  Not sure.

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Gina said...

Hey Doris,
So glad to hear from you. I have been worried. Sorry you are going through so much. I have been trying to keep a positive mindset. It is hard to do, but so far so good! God Bless!



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