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I totally envisioned that I'd just crank out 5+ months of daily workouts, good eating regiment, good sleeping hygiene schedule, good water schedule and barely into this, I've gotten injured, my knees aren't healing anywhere as quickly as I'd like despite the work I'm putting them through and to say the least, I'm frustrated.

Anyway, there is a book that I wanted to get but really wanted to not spend the money until I read the book to see if it was worth me actually buying it.  Some books unreservedly I just go ahead and buy.  However, some parts of this book seemed mysterious and could be hokey.  Didn't really want to waste $20.  I tend to be a real cheapy when it comes to buying most books and rarely pay full price. 

Actually, it's not called being cheap, but it's just paying less for something, getting it at a bargain price and being to utilize the difference for something else.  It's called good stewardship of your money.  I buy most of my books used on or Amazon marketplace typically.  I do figure out the cost of shipping, which usually is still way less expensive than buying it full price with free shipping. when you buy multiple books from the same seller, you'll get a discount on the shipping costs, which Amazon marketplace does not do.

I often just wait until the price of the book drops or people are willing to sell me their gently used copies for pretty inexpensively.  For $100, the books I usually get are in the $5 average range and that includes shipping.  Doesn't that rock?

Oh, I digress.

Anyway, I finally got off the waiting list to check out the book The Healing Code by Dr. Alex Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson.  This book is an easy read and I gained a lot of information in this book.  Although I don't know if I will actually go ahead and buy the book because I now have a lot of information.  My thing now is to save up for the Healing Codes Manual, but what I have so far should be very helpful.

Hopefully this will unlock my body's ability to be able to heal better and faster, get a better metabolism and deal with some attitudes that I have regarding finances, my esteem, and people that I feel negative towards.

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Gina said...

Hey Doris,
Just checking in to see how you are doing! Sorry that you have been feeling a bit discouraged, (I know the feeling lately), but it sunds like with this new book you have been reading that perhaps you can take some of the information to help you. As far as the injuries go, that is tough. If you rest to heal your body then you feel like you are not working out enough but if you workout then you feel that you are injuring your body! Sigh! Hang in there! I hve been tired lately and feeling a bit frustrated. I can spend 3 - 4 months working out intensly and eating properly and in 2 - 3 weeks time feel like I am back at square 1!!1 Geez! But I will keep trying. I have to. I have been trying to blog everyday (not so good on the weekends). It does help, but no one is really reading it anyway! ☺



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