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Today I did get in some exercise, mainly walking and playing frisbee outside.  Well, I guess playing frisbee indoors would've been bad, eh?  The weather was good, but got a little warm when we were playing.  The area where we played wasn't too far from where we live. 

We went with our friend, Scott, who has been a good male role-model for the kids for the past few years.  After my husband left us, Scott helped be a positive influence to my kids on a regular basis.  Though the kids' dad is more in their lives now, he still presents a confusing thing to the kids and Scott's been good to really be a bit more stable here.  I'm thankful for him.

Anyway, we played frisbee today.  I hadn't done that for a long time, and I did a little running around -- can't say I really got my heartrate up or sustained, but it was something, right?  It is about a 15 min. walk from the house to where we played frisbee.  Nice walk, but not strenuous.

Was expecting today that I do some weights or something, but outside of cooking chili, cornbread, and brownies, and helped my kids for a few hours with reading & homework.  It's been a relaxing day.

While sitting with Scott talking while watching the kids play, when we got up, my left knee was just feeling really bad.  My gosh.  When will it heal?  Won't be doing any jump roping, squatting or lunging type moves for a bit, but I need to figure out what I can do -- basically upper body stuff, right?  Harder to get my heartrate up with that.

I can't still walk, though, but not hills.  Need to regroup as I can't go without exercise for weeks or months.  I'm just not accepting that!

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