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Okay, my knees are feeling really bad so I'm down for a couple days at least due to this.  The surface I've been jump roping on is a concrete driveway.  Since I haven't learned to jump softly, it's a lot of stress.  Afterall, it's not like I weigh 100 lbs but way more.  That's a lot of stress on my knees.

Jump roping seemed easy as a kid and fun, no big deal.  However, as an adult that hasn't really done it in over 20 yrs or more, it seems like a huge feat.  I felt so gungho when I was able to do my first 20-min. interval that my body didn't agree with my mind on going full bore ahead.

My knees were so pained and swollen yesterday that ANY squatting position or close (like going to the bathroom, sitting on your bed/chair, getting in/out of the car, all caused me a great deal of pain.

This morning I iced my knees (the ice pack came from my physical therapist's when I injured my ankles summer 2010.  It's pretty big to cover both knees, but it super cold and I normally put it in a pillowcase from ice burn on my bare skin.

Took a couple Alleve's last night and going to take some more today to bring the swelling down.  I used to tough it out, but sometimes it takes a long time (at least with my ankles) to bring the swelling down, so I now opt for the Alleve, though, I hate taking any meds of any type.

Having drank too much water yesterday, once again, getting up to go to the bathroom was so painful.  It's a little better this morning.  I don't have skinny legs, but my knees are puffy.  It's not liking something I'm doing.

Today not doing anything that would aggravate this further, HOWEVER, I will be working on trigger points & loosening tight muscles all throughout my hips/legs and finding any tight areas and working on them diligently.

My plans are at least 2 - thirty min sessions.  My calves are super sore from all those mountain climbers yesterday.  Ice my knees, heat to my calves.  That should be interesting.  I won't do them at the same time, though.

Going to baby my knees today/tomorrow and do trigger point work aggressively.  May be shedding some tears.  LOL.

When I can start back up (hopefully Friday), I'm going to not jump rope with a jump rope and simulate the motions on my exercise trampoline, to reduce stress and allow my knees to heal.  Going to have to figure out how to jump rope on a softer surface.  There is a green belt behind my house or down the street so maybe there?  Never jump roped on grass before.

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