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I recommend people for a week or 2 keep a food journal and calculate your calories, protein, sugars, fiber.  I don't really keep track of the fat or carbs as I don't think those are that important to me.  There are some things that are obvious that if you keep your calories lower, it's going to have less fat.  Pouring a bunch of olive or coconut oil (although they are good) into your foods isn't good, rather using these in moderation and in place of other similar things is better.  Though they are good fats, they still have calories.

Keep in mind you need a caloric deficit to drop bodyfat.  However it works, there has to be a calorie deficit.  Simple concept, eh? 

Since I've kept a food journal and done the calories, etc, here is what my habits are:

Simple eggs meal - 300-400 calories
Egg scramble - 375 - 475 calories
Nut Snack - 170-340 calories
Veggies w/something else - <200 calories
Salads w/protein, no cheese or dressing - <300 calories
Salads w/protein, cheese, no dressing - <425 calories
Salads w/protein, cheese, dressing - <500 calories
Greens Smoothie (full portion) - 600 - 725 calories
Greens Smoothie (2/3 portion) - 475 - 525 calories
Protein w/veggies - 200-500 calories
Oatmeal concoction - 600-700 calories
Sprouted Grain Bread & nut butter - 175 - 350 calories
Other complex carb variations - <350 calories

These are typical meals I eat minus the SURPLUS day when it can be a mix of these things with added calories or meals. 

Typically I'll eat 3 higher calorie meals with 1-2 small meals (snacks):

- Meal 1 = 400 calories
- Meal 2 = 250 calories
- Meal 3 = 700 calories
- Meal 4 = 250 calories
- Meal 5 = 400 calories
                2000 calories  (this is on the high side, but still a calorie deficit from my maintenance, which is closer to 3000 calories/day)

Anyway, you get the picture.  When you choose foods that contain fiber, it makes you feel fuller, as well as drinking water throughout the day.  I saw Tom Venuto write somewhere that if you stick to your plan 90% of the time in exercise, diet, sleep . . . you will most likely achieve your goals here (my paraphrase). 

Unless I deviate hugely, there is not a real need to count calories.  However, I do like the pictures, as it keeps me accountable and to keep a food journal.  When you do this, if you find you're not releasing bodyfat, it's somewhere in something you're doing or not doing.

Also, the closer I get to my goal, I will also need to adjust my calories as my maintenance calories will decrease with a smaller body mass. 

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