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Trigger Point Notes

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On Wed/Thurs I really worked hard the trigger points in my legs/hips, psoas area.  It left me really tired, exhausted and not wanting to do much, needing more sleep.  My legs/hips were so incredibly sore that they felt like they were beaten -- not only sore, but in incredible pain.

As I went to reread some of Clair Davies book on this, he says when there is a lot of work to be done, you have to take it a bit at a time and not go at it so hard, which I did.  This is keeping me away from exercise longer, unfortunately.

If you have very intense trigger points and have to work really deeply to get at things like you do in my case, you have to spread it out throughout the day and throughout days and sometimes weeks as opposed to just getting it all done in a day or two.

Missing my exercises.

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