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Since I'm a Mixed Burner, one of the things I'm going to sort of go back and do of the Ageless Abs Program is once again follow the eating plan.  I'm not going to do the 14-Day Jumpstart totally.  Since this is a part of Scott Colby's program, I don't want to spell out his whole program and will refer you to his site.
Mixed Burners Eating Plan

Day 1 = P + C Day (Carbs in morning only)
Day 2 = P Day
Day 3 = P + C Day (Carbs in the morning only)
Day 4 = P Day
Day 5 = P + C+ R Day
P Day = protein, good fats, fruits & veggies (non-starchy) ---- caloric deficit day
P+C Day = protein, good fats, fruits & veggies and complex carbs --- caloric deficit day

P + C+ R Day = P+C Day + Reward Meal (s) --- basically caloric surplus day
How a person determines if they are a mixed burner or a different type of burner, I'll have to refer you to Scott Colby or Isabel De Los Rios (The Diet Solution).
I'll probably do this for 6-8 weeks and then I'll reduce my complex carb days depending on what kind of results I'm getting.  I seemed to follow this part of the Ageless Abs eating plan well, but when we started cutting down the complex carb cycle down to 1-2 days, I kept messing up.  Hence, my results started to slow down, though, every week I still continued to release bodyfat.

The only days you should probably see me eating anything unhealthy would be on Reward Days.  It's a challenge to consume this many calories even eating junk food for me, but to eat this many calories eating clean, I would not even come close to enough calories.

The point of this eating plan is to keep tricking my body into releasing bodyfat, using it as fuel and not think that I'm dieting or anything. 

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