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I just wanted to welcome you to my blog. Last year I decided to take charge of my health & life once again. Though I've been super interested in reaching my goal of 15% bodyfat for now over 10 yrs, that goal has eluded me in one form or another.

Not sure how many times I've gained and lost the same 25 lbs over and over. It all started with the Weigh Down Workshop by Gwenn Shamblin back when I was about 29-30 yrs old. Learned I didn't need to eat everything on my plate. Next, came the Body for Life with Bill Phillips. Those were highly motivational videos & the book, but truthfully, all the supplements made my head spin. With that I learned that you can accomplish some pretty awesome stuff in 12-weeks, but I never finished that challenge.

Next came Weight Watchers, which I did where I worked. They didn't focus on exercise, but I did learn how to keep a food journal and went hog wild with this. After having my 2nd and last baby, I came across Tom Venuot's "Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle". That ebook is a wealth of knowledge and I was blown away.

Pretty much from 29 yrs old to current (42 yrs old), though I never took a diet pill, surgery or any of that, I did empower myself more and more about health, nutrition, exercise, fitness. I've worked out thousands of workouts, faced numerous injuries and health consequences of extremism.

Finally, last summer I said "ENOUGH!" I want something I can do where I'm not taking supplements galore, needing to go to the gym, needing lots of equipment or time for my workouts. No more excuses. I also wanted an easy way to eat that was tasty and good for my children & I.

Signed up for Scott Colby's 12-Weeks Ageless Abs program and we started 13-Sep-2010 and ended 6-Dec-2010. Will share the results in another post, but I learned a great deal.

After this program was completed came the holidays and I didn't want to totally undo all that I had accomplished, so I loosely followed Scott Colby's 21-Day Holiday Meltdown. I did end up backtracking to the results that I had before Thanksgiving, but, really, it's not all that bad considering all the many socials & eating out I did over the 3 week period.

Though I will be doing some things differently in the upcoming months before summer, I learned that I can have fun doing short workouts and eating healthy things I love that are tasty. The people I'm following in their blogs typically do shorter workouts and have practical eating.

I'd like to be more open in my journey to getting down to 15% and what it takes while having fun doing this with limited equipment and really a bare bones approach. I will be using some supplementation, but will do my best to get most of my stuff from real foods. Will be sharing what I eat not only writtenwise, but also in pictures & recipes. Will share my stats, progress pics, workouts I do and anything that pertains like my challenges, victories.

How long will this take? I have no clue, but I figure putting it out there may help me achieve my goals better, as it's a little more added pressure. Plus, I'm sure I'm not the only one facing the challenges I'm facing. What do you think?


KrisBaltus said...

what a wonderful story, I believe we can learn from you and your a wonderful inspiration for me..

Doris said...

Thanks. It's really from a lot of learning from a whole lot of people and experimenting.



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