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Okay, my eating today wasn't all that great.  Skipped meals and then when I ate, it was these little crescent dogs - a whole bunch of them.  That's about all I ate today, oh, and some cilantro hummus with corn crackers (gluten free).  No fresh veggies or fruit.

Tomorrow no matter what, I'm going to do at least some workout.  I have a pullup bar, the Jungle Gym, Dumbbells.  My favorite body parts to work are my legs and that's where the cardio comes in.  That's not happening.

Today I've been doing lots of "Spring Cleaning", which required getting on my knees to get down to a level to see things and get to things, scrubbing things.  My left knee in particular did not feel good STILL.  It's very aggravating.  I wonder if I'm deficient in something that isn't allowing my body to heal properly or are my expectations too great?

I really would love it if I could be 2 sizes less than where I am now, which is a size 14 now.  It would be good to be in a size 10 or less by Memorial Day.  At this rate, this is depressing.

Anyway, today I cleaned out the frig and had to toss a bunch of veggies that rotted because the past 2 weeks I haven't eaten a whole lot of veggies.  My bad.  When I'm exercising, it's much easier to eat way more veggies.

Chinese New Year's is coming up on February 3rd.  I won't be going out to Chinese with my family, but we will have our own little celebration here at home.  It just won't be food-centric.  My kids, especially my son keeps reminding me that he is only half Chinese.  He's still Chinese.

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