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Trigger Point Therapy On Self - Knees

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Today I started again working on my knees.  The lightely grayed out sections are where there is pain.  The DOT is the trigger point.  The darker gray is the muscle.

Sometimes when there is pain under the knee cap or right near it, the trigger points lie in one of these 5 spots.  I used a large massage ball that is very hard to get to each of these points while lying on the floor. 

Since I've spent more than a month on/off working on these points, though they are still tender and the trigger points are still there, I can do this lying on the floor, but I started off by lying in bed, where it was softer, as I could not stand the pain.  The trigger points were really bad.

Sometimes it takes some work to find the right muscles.
 My knee pains are the whole front of the knee and eminating to the outside of the knee some, and occasionally the inside.  I do a lot of leg work in my exercises and since they have been so intense, it brings out what is imbalanced & not right in my body.

The picture to the left, that's a huge trigger point area for me and it's going to take a lot of diligent work to get rid of this.
These are some other trigger points.  Since I've been working on my psoas, which isn't too far from here, invariably I also work on these trigger points. 

There are many trigger points possibly in the groin area.

All these diagrams were taken out of Clair Davies, Trigger Point Therapy Workbook, 2nd Edition.  What a God send.  God bless Clair, though he has passed away already.  I hope he knew Christ as his Savior, because this book has availed me much over the years not just for me, but for my kids.  I would love to see him in Heaven to give him a hug.

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