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Although I did partially Scott Colby's 21-Day Holiday Meltdown, I found the workouts too easy for me and had to kick it up quite a bit to feel like I got much of a workout and even replaced workouts with other workouts he had to challenge me more.

I did not watch my sugar intake carefully since 6-Dec-2010 and as a result, regained some of the bodyfat back that I had lost, as well as some inches and some weight.  Boohoo!  However, the results are not terrible.  I did not undo all that I worked for, but I did backtrack to the results I had a week before Thanksgiving, so it was a reverting of about 3 week's worth of work.

I did not set a goal to be rigorous during the Christmas & New Year's timeframe and just really wanted to enjoy my family & friends, and all the socials there were without going too overboard, which I basically did pretty well most days, minus Christmas and New Year's Eve.

However, what made me probably so successful in the Ageless Abs program to lose bodyfat EVERY SINGLE week was keeping my sugar consumption low.  That even meant not going overboard in eating natural sugars like fruit.  I did not count sugars for the past 4 weeks and as a result I'm up almost 1.5% in bodyfat.

What I didn't mention in the last post was my starting bodyfat with the Ageless Abs program was 33.57%.  My ending bodyfat was 24.15%.  That's really phenomenal in 12-weeks to drop that much bodyfat.  I now have much better understanding even now that my body does not like me eating too much sugar period.

Though I worked out and did more than 18 workouts in the past 4 weeks, the workouts did not prevent me from regaining back some bodyfat.  The culprit was too high of a sugar intake.  I would have to say that most days I would include some type of sweet treat (a little).  Even being in a caloric deficit, this really wreaked havoc on my metabolism, sugar levels and caused me to be a greater fat storage unit than I had been during the Ageless Abs program.

Thus, if I want to be dropping bodyfat, even if I'm working out, getting good sleep, if I do not keep my sugars low, the bodyfat will not come off or it will be a much greater challenge.  I believe the other thing that is a huge contributor is often when you have a higher sugar intake, this is associated to starch intake, where the starches convert quickly to sugar. 

If you do not burn the sugar off, guess what?  It turns to fat.  HELLO?  Yes, sometimes I would have those sweet treats (ok, often) later at night.  Did I workout in the evening?  Nope.  Went to bed and where did it go?  Tummy pooch.  Yup, you guessed it.

Yes, I got to have my holiday fun and now it's back to more disciplined eating and a bit more structured workouts.  I haven't decided yet whether I'm going to go at another round of the Ageless Abs program or do a different program.  But, no matter what, incorporating a lot of the valuable information I learned in the Ageless Abs program will fare me well.

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