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Short Break & Summary

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Right now I'm so disorganized.  My daily blog entries are pretty extensive and do take quite a bit of time to do.

Tuesday I ate poorly:  eggs, burrito, cookies, fish tacos, regular tacos, a Barque's rootbeer (very little veggies, no fruit), and not a lot of water

Wednesday was not quite as poorly, but still not good:  eggs, last slice of homemade meatloaf, lasagna, rice pudding, Korean turnip cake, a bit more water than yesterday

My left knee is still not feeling so great.  This is horrible.  I'm going to be doing more trigger point stuff on it, but not as aggressive as last time.  I hope by next week I will be back to exercising in doing my workouts.  This week I'd like to do some light walking.

Am sleeping about 6 hrs a night.  Not much.  Need more, but am a bit wired (probably from poor eating choices).  However, I've been getting a lot of stuff done.

Will keep my blogs rather short until I'm back to exercising unless I have the time to write longer blogs.

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