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Ageless Abs Results

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Start Date:  13-Sep-2010
End Date:  6-Dec-2010 (12 weeks)

Total Bodyfat Reduced:  9.4%
Net Scale Weight Released:  7 lbs
Net Bodyfat Weight Released:  21.4 lbs
Net LBM (muscle/water) Gained:  14.4 lbs
Net Inches (16 measurements) Released:  34.875"

Without pulling up all the other data and just going on memory, I completed around 80% of the workouts.  There were a few days I doubled up on workouts, and I altogether missed workouts due to injury, sickness or poor time management.

  • The lowered 15g of sugar per day (aside from the greens protein smoothie I had daily) for all my meals helped level out my energy levels ALL DAY LONG.  I did not experience any energy dips with keeping sugars low. 
  • Lowered sugar levels also helped me to sleep well every night and not need naps most days.  This is a first in my adult life to go so many nights of good sleep.
  • Was able to keep pretty decent sleep hygiene schedule, usually going to bed before 10:30 pm most nights and getting 7-8 hrs of sleep many nights.
  • Lowered sugar levels allowed me to release bodyfat where I need to release most -- in the torso/tummy area.  Though I released in other areas of my body, this area decreased the most (and it had the most, too).
  • Had 12 consecutive weeks of bodyfat release which resulted in net inches lost each week just by keeping sugars low.  Did not always reduce in scale weight or in every specific measurement.
  • Workouts could be done at home, the park, or in a small area and did not require gym equipment.
  • Minimal equipment needed:  Lifeline's JungleGym, GymBoss Interval Timer, Jump Rope, Dumbbells, Steps, Bench.
  • Workouts relatively short.  The last couple weeks, workouts got longer, a little over 30 min.
  • Detailed journaling - I kept a blog with my accountability partner and we kept detailed logs of our food, sleep, exercise and other things like that.  If we weren't getting the results, the journal showed patterns and things we did or did not do.
  • Progress Pics - Though Scott had us doing this weekly, it was a challenge to see that I was making any changes during these shots.  However, comparing monthly shots, it's easier to see changes.  If you're bodyfat for a woman is under 15%, it might do you good to do weekly, but if you are starting high, it might be discouraging.  I'd recommend monthly shots.
  • Detailed measurements - Scott only had us doing waist measurements and did not want us to use the scale.  I used the scale, did caliper bodyfat measurments (per Tom Venuto's way), and took 15 other measurements on top of the waist measurements.  There were 5 weeks I remained at the same waist, but I went down many other areas of my body, so glad I took those other measurements.  Doing this also helped me to be able to compare in the past when I was at these levels and these results for a 12-week period are by far the best ever.
  • Group accountability & support - There was a small core group of people that contributed to this and it helped me so much.  I had an excellent accountability partner that really rocked in her dedication to the program, which motivated and inspired me to do better.
  • Coaching Support From Scott - Last but not least, Scott provided so much useful information and answered many of our questions/comments/concerns.  He did such a fabulous job that it helped me to keep going when I didn't feel like going on.  He's a top notch coach and if you have the chance to work with him, do so.  He's great!

  • Experienced Knee Pains from excessive squats and lunges (got really gungho in the Tabatas) that led to really tight IT bands & quads.  This caused some down time.
  • What sick with a fever at least twice, had the flu, and got a few colds from weeks 4-11.  I thought this was overtraining and possibly, but what I didn't know what that I really needed to be taking a very good multi-vitamin.  My body, though my diet was good, did not give it all the nutrients it needed.
  • Disorganization with my time, which led to some skipped meals later on in the program and skipped workouts.
  • Retaining a lot of water and not sure why.  Could possibly be that I wasn't consuming enough protein.  Not sure, or something else.
  • Didn't drink enough water to begin with the first month or so of the program.  Didn't realize my water cup wasn't holding as much water as I thought until I measured.
  • Kids got bored with what we were eating so I ended up often making 2 meals for the same meal.  After awhile, got tired of it and just made one, the one the kids would eat, which would invarably be something that I wasn't supposed to eat (like some complex carb on a day I wasn't supposed to have any).
So, if you're 40+, want quick workouts, a great program that you can do anywhere with minimal equipment, great eating plan, try Scott Colby's Ageless Abs program.  It's wonderful and he has it for a great price.  See his website (the link is to the right column near the top) - Abs Expert.

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