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Gluten Free Mac & Cheese

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- a pkg rice pasta (I use a rice fuscilli)
- raw cheddar cheese (I get from Trader Joe's or Whole Foods)
- organic butter

Cook rice pasta according to directions.  Grate raw cheddar cheese.  Add butter to cooked, drained pasta.  Mix cheddar cheese with pasta. 

I make just enough for my kids or however many kids I have with me.  It's good, but I don't really care for pasta, so I don't eat this.  However, the kids love it, there are no preservatives and it's so easy to make.  It tastes way better than Kraft Mac & Cheese.  I have no idea how many calories, but it's definitely not low in fat.  Sometimes I will add cooked chicken breast diced into this so the kids get some more protein.

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