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Jump Rope - Foot Patterns

I am so psyched to learn that I can jump rope.  As a kid, I did do some jump roping, but as an adult, hardly.  One of the things I'm challenged with is often I'm uncoordinated with new movements and takes a bit of practice to get complicated or even easy movements down.  If you see me doing an exercise or movement well, believe me, it's taken practice.

Going from not being able to jump rope for even 20 sec without messing up last September to now being able to get through 20 min. of jump roping intervals with Zuzana Light is a huge accomplishment for me.  Though, I'm still messing up on some foot patterns, but the fact that I can go this long is a huge testiment.

Praise God there are so many videos out there for free that empower so many people.  God bless all these people who are willing to share.

Anyway, for me, since I'm still just in the beginning, starting out stages of jump roping and a slow jump roper right now, I'm learning foot patterns. 

Here's a good video of 12 different foot patterns:
  1. Feet Together
  2. Alternating Feet
  3. Forward Shuffle
  4. Backward Shuffle
  5. High Knees
  6. Side Straddle (Jumping Jacks)
  7. Foot Cross
  8. Half Twister
  9. Full Twister
  10. Backwards
  11. Arm Cross
  12. Double Jump


Dr Todd Schafer, DPM said...

This is one of those exercises that look easy, but in reality, is not.

Doris said...




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