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One of the things that has surprised me this past weekend was some of my eating.  I'm not a huge proponent of willpower eating.  I don't know how many P+C+R Days I've had, but it's been a bunch.  Those are my caloric surplus days.  That's not a huge deal, but what surprised me was that I ate 4 donuts and a bunch of chips & guacamole.  It wasn't a little, but a lot.  Often when I'm eating something, usually 1-2 servings is what I'll eat.  It doesn't require willpower, rather I just don't have the desire to do it.

For example, it doesn't take me willpower to not smoke or do drugs because I find both absolutely disgusting.  Sorry if you do either, but they are disgusting, harmful habits.  Well, you know what?  So is eating a bunch of refined sugar that if you don't burn it, it turns to ugly, disgusting fat.

With smoking, I'm guessing people do it not because it's yummy tasting, rather they are addicted.  Maybe working deep into my muscle tissues, this released a lot of toxins into my body that I didn't drink enough wtaer to get rid of those toxins, nor did I sweat it out through exercise as I was on rest for a few days. 

Okay, it's really got to take me pressing into the Lord at this time.  I really don't know why I ate this way this weekend and wasn't able to completely stop.  My goodness.  Another barrier that I must smash through.  Doing some prayer, time with the Lord in His Word, and possibly some EFT.

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