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I'm wondering why it's taking my body so long to heal and that I can't progress my healing along with my knees quicker.  My sleep hasn't been quite as good in terms of steadily sleeping each night as my eating has been erratic.

Saturday I attended 2 kids' birthday parties with my kids and I had a cupcake at each of those parties -- cupcakes were homemade.  Didn't go overboard in eating in terms of caloriewise, which is good.  I think when it comes down to it, as Tom Venuto states, you need a caloric deficit.  Of course the quality of the foods you eat IS important, but the fact is, if you do maintain a caloric deficit, you should be able to lose weight.

I thought for sure that not exercising for nearly 2 weeks, I would be gaining.  Though I did not weigh myself or take measurements, my clothes are actually fitting better.  A skirt that I got into just before Christmas was so tight on me.  Sunday I put on that same skirt (this skirt has no give at all) and found that it was loose enough that I could tuck my blouse in and it fit perfectly.  Praise God!!!  Woohoo!!!

One of the big differences during the Christmas break timeframe where for a month I ate whatever I wanted, kept a caloric deficit most days, continued to exercise (just less intense most days), but daily had some sweets, I ended up gaining back some weight and inches.  However, even if I'm not exercising but keep my sugars low, I can STILL lose weight.

Sugar really is a key factor for me whether I lose bodyfat or not.  Isn't that incredible?  Yes, I have had some sugars, but basically do my best to keep my sugars low most days and not overeat.  Since I'm not exercising, my body requires fewer calories and the 2700 calories to maintain is really now probably closer to 2200-2300 calories or maybe even less.

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