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My kids and I stayed home from church on Sunday.  My 7-yr old was feverish again.  My daughter was okay but I was sneezing throughout the night and was exhausted from not getting enough sleep.  Normally I don't have any sounds on when sleeping, but I wanted to listen to some Healing Codes archived teleseminars and kept them going all night.  It was too loud and I think with the sneezing and that, my sleep was so off, as well as my son's, who sleeps with me.

So, we all stayed home in our jammies all day with me writing, spending time with friends on the phone, reading the remainder of Old Yeller to my kids, and helping them with homework and projects. 

At my kids' school, so many students and adults are sick and whatever it is (some of it strep) is nasty.  My son had to stay home one day last week because he was feverish, but though my daughter was coughing and sneezing, she still went to school.  Today she woke up with her head hurting so bad and her throat, too.  She is now in a super deep sleep in my bed.

Earlier I had done some trigger point work on her.  There were several places on her body that were really knotted -- the upper sternocleimastoid on the right side of her head, at the base of her skull (more on the right side), the left side of her rhomboid.  I could not go full force on these and had to work each of these areas a little at a time and will take probably most of the day to work through much of this.  She may be a little sore, too for a couple days. 

I'm going to let her rest for a couple hours in between me working on these areas for her, have her drink plenty of water & hot tea with lemon (for her throat).  She is feeling stressed about things between her dad and I, where he is threatening and bullying me again.  This is distressing all of us and I know bringing down our immune systems.

He creates a lot of stress for us.  He's always the one taking me to court or calling the police on us or making some sort of threat.  He doesn't pay his child support or fully pay it, although the courts have greatly reduced what he pays, yet he can afford cable TV, going out to eat, a nice 2-story apartment/condo.  We can see where his priorities are.

I have a lot of things coming up that I need to attend to financially, but he adds this additional stress on all of us to get his way, rather do things in the best interest of the children.  The children don't need to be exposed more to a disrespectful, obnoxious, irresponsible person who acts like a big kid around my kids and their friends, upsetting my kids because they feel devalued by him.  Of course they don't speak up because he manipulates them and discounts their feelings.

Anyway, I think this is a big reason why all of our immune systems are down.  God, please help us.

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