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After a month of not real disciplined eating, though I worked out, nothing can really outdo a poor diet.  For me, since my body is particularly sensitive to sugar, this will be something that I need to really pay close attention to and make sure that I keep this low and if I'm going to mess up, that it should be right after a workout when my body will be able to burn the sugars quickly.

  1. Get back to keeping my sugars under 15g per day outside of my greens protein smoothie.
  2. Drink enough water every day and throughout the whole day and not right before bed.
  3. Remember to stretch properly after EVERY workout, and especially work to keep my IT bands, calves, quads, hams loosened after EVERY workout.
  4. Keep a good sleep hygiene, take infrequent naps and if I do, keep them short.
  5. Keep my complex carbs days few.  When I have too many of these days, I tend to not be able to release bodyfat easily.
  6. Eat enough protein every day.
  7. Keep menu lively, but not taxing.

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