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I kept a pretty detailed journal/log of what I did or did not do on Scott Colby's Ageless Abs program and would like to continue similarly here, but since I haven't done a whole lot of journaling for at least 1/2 of December, gotta get back into the sync of things.

To help keep me more accountable, but not sure if this is doable and something I can keep up to do this religiously, is to show pictures of some of my meals.  That would require me either taking a picture with my digital camera or cell phone, downloading to my computer and then uploading it to the blog.  Takes time which some days I will not have. 

Maybe what I'll do is provide a pic of the initial meal I make and subsequent ones that are similar, you can just refer back?  It's not like I'm making a completely new recipe each and every time, though, there are slight variations depending on what I have on hand and feel like eating.

You'll see products displayed in my blog that I do sell via Amazon or some other store.  If you do plan on purchasing those things from those places, I'd greatly appreciate you link through my blog, which would allow me a commissions.  That would be so helpful.  Of course, if you're already patroning a different person on the internet through their links and happy with them, I'm not attempting to take their businss, then stay with them.  There's enough for everyone.

Some of the products displayed specifically, I use.  I'll actually have a couple pics in my profile of things I actually use and also spell out my WISH list for anyone who chooses to just really bless me with those items!!!  Big hugs to you!!!!

I can be fairly complicated, but in order for me to actually do something, it has to be fairly simple.  Not sure if that makes sense or not.

If I'm doing a workout of someone's (like Scott Colby, Zuzana Light, Scott Tousignant) that has YouTube videos or videos I can link to, I will do my best to remember to provide the link so you can follow along.  If I'm making up the workout, I'll try to either make a video (not quite sure how to really do this, though) or provide videos of others doing the same movements.

As much as I think form & intensity of the workouts are very important, I also think what occurs after the workout is very important -- the stretching, working through the tight muscles, proper nutrition & rest.  The stretching & working through the tight muscles to loosen them up can sometimes take longer than the actual workout, so this is really where I've fallen short throughout my exercising, which has been my whole adult life.

Had I learned to do that well, I probably would've avoided many of the injuries I've faced.  My knees are still in a delicate situation and I must remember not to overdo the squats & lunges, and mix it up more with other body groups.  Drat, as I totally love squats & lunges.  They are some big muscles and they pack a lot of power -- and those are fun exercises to boot.


pga said...

Squats and lunges are fun? Not that many people would agree with you. Great job on the blog.

Doris said...

I used to hate squats and lunges, but somehow after I had children, they are some of my favorite exercises and a whole variety/variations of them. My legs feel powerful and strong when I do them, but then, I have big, strong legs. :)

Thanks on the blog. My first from scratch!



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