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Week 0 - Baseline Stats

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Date:  Mon, 1/3/11

Bodyfat mm:  14 mm
Bodyfat %: 25.57% - from Tom Venuto's chart for Women Ages 41-45

Neck:  13.5"
- Left:  12.25"
- Right:  12.5"
- Left:  10.75"
- Right:  10.75"

Chest (at Nipples):  40"
Under Breasts:  33.50"
Waist (Smallest Area):  32"
Belly Button (2" Below):  35" 
Hips (Widest):  40"

Upper Thighs
- Left:  23"
- Right:  23.25"
Mid Thighs
- Left: 20.5"
- Right:  20.25"

Calves (Widest) 
- Left:  16.00"
- Right:  16.00"

Total Inches:  359.50

Notes:  I'm leaving out my actual weight, although I do keep track of my weight in an Excel spreadsheet.  Publicizing my bodyfat and body measurements I think will be enough.  In future weeks, I will put how much scale weight, bodyfat weight and muscle/water I'm gaining or releasing week-by-week, as well as a cumulative effect.

Monthly I'll provide progress pictures and do a side-by-side comparison with me in workout outfits.  The first pics for this will be sometime after 7-Feb-11.

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