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Today I squatted to scoop up something I spilled on the floor and found still pains in my knees, especially my left knee, which there has been more pain there.  However, the pain is lessening.  I've gotten a lot of rest/sleep, very deep sleep in the past 24 hrs -- long nap yesterday after school and went to bed early. 

My 7 yr old son is home sick, but my daughter, who is also sick, wanted to go to school.  I want to make sure my immune system remains healthy and that I do not get sick.  Not sleeping enough can really bring your immune system and over these next week or so, I'm going to make an extra effort to make my kids go to bed much earlier than they have been.  They used to go to bed by 7 pm, then it got moved to 7:30 pm.  Now it's 9:30 pm.  But, for now, that will have to be pushed to the 8-8:30 pm timeframe.

I'm going to be teaching my kids how to do The Healing Codes for themselves so that they can also rid their bodies of harmful stresses from their cells.  This situation between their dad and me is causing a great deal of stress for all of us.  I'm really enjoying the Cutting Edge teleseminars by Dr. Alex Loyd.  The focus is on God and I'm grateful for men like him whom God has blessed with insights that are availing so many people.

Yes, I wanted to start my first workout again today, a mild workout, if even a walk, but won't be able to as I can't leave my 7 yr old at home unattended and I don't have a treadmill.  Maybe it will be some relaxing yoga.  Will not be doing a workout as I don't want to bear more stresses on my body at this point to weaken my immune system, just in case any bugs or viruses are lingering on the outskirts to attack my system if I weaken it.  Doing the intense workouts I do does temporarily weaken my system.

Hang tight with me.  I have not given up my goal to having greater health, being completely whole physically and getting those flat abs.  It will come and I keep persevering, learning, adjusting.

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