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RFast Track & Spartacus 2.0 - Wk 8, Day 2, Tues, 1-May-2012

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  • BP - 116/71, 60 bpm - Sleep DOES impact BP.  Got enough sleep FINALLY and I can see my BP has significantly lowered.  
  • Today I felt like trading early this morning and I'm so glad I did.  The market really moved A LOT the first 2.5 hrs of the market, which is the only time I had.  Stopped trading so I could get my workout done.
  • Went to Goodwill and found a really nice teapot for $5 and some ramekins for cheap.  Yay!  I went in for 2 other items but couldn't find them.  I'd been wanting a teapot for awhile and this is a nice sized one.  Forgot my 20% off coupon, though, which would've saved me $2.
Isn't this pretty.  Very nice ceramic!
  • Finally got a meat mallet, which I've been needing.  Mine is packed up in some box somewhere I don't know where.  Was able to return something to Safeway I didn't need and using 2 gift cards my mom gave me, I bought a really nice meat mallet and it cost me less than $1 of my own money.  

  • I still need a couple used tennis balls so I can make something to use to help me with trigger points.  Need to stop by Play It Again Sports for these, or find some tennis court that has balls lying around.  I used to have lots of tennis balls and I don't know where they are.  Drat!
  • I'm really excited that I was able to workout today and didn't dilly dally around.  I got it done!
  • The market MOVED today.  For the 2 hrs I traded, I was able to take about 20 pts from the market.  However, the market moved another 10 pts in the opposite direction the last 2.5 hrs of the market, which I was not around for.  Drat!
  • I'm ecstatic that I got to go to my Day Life group finally.  I miss them.  We had 2 new people join us today!!!  We hardly ever get new people.  Praise God!  I hope they keep coming, as we have another 2 more months of life group.
  • I can't believe I ran out of cumin.  Need more cumin!
  • So glad I got to go to my Single Mom's life group.  Love it when I can go to both my Tuesday life groups.  Love the people in them.

SMARTER GOAL:  Get my workout done carefully!  ---->  Praise God, Done!!!

SLEEP:  9:30 pm - 6:30 am (9 hrs) - I woke up about 5:30 am, but after going to the bathroom was able to get right back to sleep.  Had a lot of dreams all through the night, but slept well.

9:30 am - Heart Meds, 6 Women's Multi-Vitamins w/Iron, 3 probiotics, 2 Prograde krill EFAs
9:30 pm - Heart Meds, 1 Mg capsule, 2 Oil of Oregano capsules

EATING:  Paleo+Dairy (Day 93)
Meal 1 @ 8:15 am:  a little cauli-rice, pulled pork & BBQ sauce from last night

Post Workout Shake @ 10:05 am - 2 scoops whey protein, 1 scoop ground flaxseed, 1 scoop Greens First powder, cinnamon, 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1/2 cup cold water

Meal 2 @ 4:15 pm:  1/2 cup cauli-rice (all that was left), pulled pork & BBQ sauce (from last night), zucchini (leftover from 2 nights ago), 2 squares 85% dark chocolate ---->  I really needed to eat this around 11:30 am, but there was no chance.  Now I'm really starved.

Meal 3 @ 4:45 pm:  1 chicken patty

Meal 4 @ 6:45 pm - 1/8th of a slice of quiche with bacon & sausage (and I don't know what else), then half of an 1/8 of a slice of broccoli quiche (and I don't know what else), a few small pinwheels made with rice tortillas -----> I'm feeling alright even having consumed the rice tortillas, which wasn't much.  Most of this meal was protein, though, so it helped.


WORKOUT:  Began this workout at 9 am.  I don't normally workout this early.

Equipment Used:  Yoga matPolar Heartrate Monitor RS200SDGymBoss TimerSwiss Ball, 2-10# DBs

Warmup (2 rounds):  3:43
  • Pushups x 8 
  • Squats x 12
  • Spiderman Climbs x 10 total
  • Jumping Jacks x 20

Funk Roberts - Spartacus 2.0 Week 8, Workout #2, 1st time (3 rounds):  Each exercise is max reps in 60 sec followed with 15 sec rest all the way through.  2 in between rounds. 1 Round = 12.5 min.  This is a 41.5 min. workout not including warmup and cooldown.

I can't post what the workout specifics are, but it's still a tough workout.

Cooldown:  4:49 ---> Only did active recovery for the left knee using a softball sized ball.

Warmup:  Max HR = 142 bpm, Avg HR = 103 bpm
Round 1:  Max HR = 128 bpm, Avg HR = 109 bpm
Round 2:  Max HR = 133 bpm, Avg HR = 120 bpm
Round 3:  Max HR = 143 bpm, Avg HR = 127 bpm
Cooldown:  Max HR = 131 bpm, Avg HR = 109 bpm

Total Time:  50:30
Calories Burned:  530 
Max HR:  143 bpm
Avg HR:  116 bpm

Zone 1 = 15:10, Zone 2 = 3:31, Zone 3 = 0:55

Notes:  It makes a huge difference to workout in the morning and earlier morning than it is when I workout in the early evening or late afternoon.  My heartrates for everything were at about 15 bpm average less for both max HR and avg heartrate.  Which, I also cut my cooldown time down by about 10 min because I had to rush to get to my day life group on time.

But, my goal was to workout before either of my life groups and not leave it to the afternoon, which I succeeded.  Praise God!  However, having my heartrates this much lower did not allow me to burn as many calories while working out, however, hopefully it allows me to burn for a longer period of time, meaning, like 9 hrs longer.

This is my first workout back after resting from my left knee being injured.  It felt okay, but I did not squat as low or lunge as far down as I normally would.  My knee did not feel 100%, maybe 90%, so I wanted to not push it.  I was able to complete all 10 exercises and 3 full rounds of this workout without modification other than what I said.  Praise God!!

This workout was supposed to have only 90 sec rest in between, but I figured with my knee still coming back, 2 min. was better.  It only added another minute to my workout.

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