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Yesterday I ended up buying a really nice meat mallet at Safeway with some voucher (refund) cards my mom gave me.  They didn't have much on them but a few dollars each, but I have learned never turn down free money in any form, as long as it is honest and legit.  My mom is so considerate to think of the kids and I and always gives us Extra CVS care bucks, or coupons or things like this.  Every little it helps and I'm so very appreciative.  I'd see meat mallets at Target and Wal-Mart for $5-6 and I thought that was too much.  I really wanted to pay like $2-3.  Even went to Goodwill and didn't see any.  Yes, I know, the time it took me to do that really cost me more than the $5-6, but I just didn't like the looks of any of the mallets I saw.

After I went to Goodwill (only 1) and not finding my meat mallet, after picking up the kids from school, it dawned on me I had those voucher cards from Safeway and told the kids we were going to Safeway.  They only had 1 meat mallet, which I had see before for nearly $9, so not only was it not $2-3, it was more than 50% than what it was at Target or Wal-Mart.  However, the whole head was metal and it looked really sturdy.  I didn't like the base of it and wanted a wider side.  But, since I needed this meat mallet and didn't want to drive to anymore stores, it was it.  I ended up having to fork over about $1 of my own money, which wasn't too bad.  Guess it was less than the $2-3 I was expecting to pay, so Praise God.

Today, while trying to pound out 6 pounds of chicken breasts, I have learned how much better this meat mallet is than the wooden one I own that is packed in some box somewhere.  I love that this meat mallet has a flat side as well as a sharp side.  They did do a good job with designing this and I really love this mallet.  Now, if only it can pound the meat without me needing to.  LOL.

The metal head wasn't too heavy, nor was it too light.  It really is a nice meat mallet and God did end up letting me get mallet for a steal.  God bless my mom for being so generous and for me waiting.  Safeway was actually the only store I actually went for that specific item.   All the other times, I was actually at the store for something else.

What I have been using instead of this has been the bottom of a stainless steel pot.  That's been a bit of a pain to pound out chicken with that, so I'm very glad to have the meat mallet now.  Yes, you can make do if you have to, but now I no longer need to.

Next item on my list is a lime juice squeezer.  Found out using this on a plastic juicer made for the size of lemons & oranges doesn't work real well.  I'd also like some ceramic pots & pans, but that is a lot more expensive - sorta like the ones that Fabio Viviani uses.

Anyway, the meat mallet is perfect.  I saw one at Fry's similar that was nearly 1/2 price, but it looked flimsy and not made with quality.  So, I'm pretty happy here.  Thank you, Jesus!

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