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My dad bought the Blendtec today . . . just went out and bought it from Costco.  Didn't think he'd do it that quick.  But, he saw that the Ninja was about $200 less sitting not too far from it, and there was a VitaMix demo booth with that nearly $400.  He ended up getting the Blendtec, but wasn't happy that it was made in the U.S.  He is partial to China and thinks they make superior products in everything.  He says the $200 extra that Blendtec sells their blenders for is due to the U.S. labor.

He did see that the Ninja was a 1100 XX and the Blendtec was 1500 XX.  He said for 400 XX more, he's paying $200 more and he thought it was a total rip off.  He said the outside of the box didn't say that it could make nut butters, which he wants to do (as do I).

When he opened the box, I found that in their Blendtec blendbook, they had a recipe for almond butter.  It was easy.  I had the ingredients, which were 3 things.  Anyway, within less than 3 min. I had a 1/2 pound of almond butter made fresh.  Voila!  That was quick.  He didn't believe it could make it and I showed him that it could.

I told him that if he didn't like the Blendtec, he could return it to Costco.  He seemed a little more satisfied that it could make a nut butter so easily.  I'm sure he's going to shell like 10,000 peanuts to make peanut butter (although, peanuts are not a nut).

I'm looking forward to making ice cream, yummy smoothies, and a host of other things with this, as well as pestos.  It basically can replace my food processor and CuisinArt blender, which I have loved both.  Well, I may keep them.  My dad wants to let my brother borrow it to make his own nut butters, as he sees that they also buy it like me, too.

So excited and I never thought that I could just borrow my dad's.  Praise God and God bless him!

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