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RFast Track & Spartacus 2.0 - Wk 10, Day 3, Wed, 16-May-2012

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  • 114/78, 66 bpm - This is a bit on the high side for me for this much sleep.  So, it must be the stress of my kids and stuff going on.
  • I want to make a meal for the Salazar's, as they recently had a baby, but right now, I'm finding that I'm really tapped out on making food for other people, burned out.  There is life group to cook for at the end of the month, too.  And, I'm making some stuff for my kids' classes.  I may just have to post-post the Salazar's until June.  But, I expect the Lucero's and Arlette to have their babies, too, around that timeframe.  It's getting expensive.  I'm going to have to space some things out.  I want to help more, but it's draining me.
  • I'm feeling very discouraged about my children.  Not going to go into details here, but disappointment cannot convey my emotions.  It's making it really hard to be motivated in other areas of my life when I see all my hard work, prayers, sacrifice seems to be for nothing.  If you do nothing, and get nothing, well, that's understandable.  But, to really put all you have into it and that you can, to get this?  It's really demotivating.
  • Right now Sprouts has strawberries for $1/qt (I think that's the size).  It takes me 4 of those to fill a gallon baggy (if I cut the strawberries up).  I think a bag of frozen strawberries is in the realm of $8-10 at Costco, frozen.  I think I'll go buy another 4 more than I will have 2 bags of frozen strawberries.  Also, pineapples were about $1 each, so when they go on sale, I will buy a bunch, cut them up and freeze them.  Frozen fruit are really good to use in smoothies, ice cream, post workout shakes, etc.  Also, they have mangoes on sale, so I should buy a bunch, as they are expensive to buy frozen from the store.
  • I did blow today's eating at life group and when I got home.  I think the increase in fruit in my diet, which means more sugar (though natural), is causing me to have cravings.
  • Got prayer in life group and that greatly helped.  There is something wonderful about having unified prayer.  I didn't feel like going to life group today, but forced myself.  I NEVER regret going to life group, though, I do regret not going when I don't, sometimes.
  • I feel okay with what I ate physically, but I'll have to see how my sleep and tomorrow goes, as well as my results on Saturday.  I really don't want to deviate too much or too often.
  • Fresh dill is wonderful!  Fresh herbs are a lot less expensive at the Asian and Hispanic Supermarkets than at a regular grocery store.  It's ridiculous how expensive it is otherwise.  Or, grow your own.  However, at the Asian market, you need to know how to read whatever language it's in.
    SMARTER GOAL:  Get my workout done ----> Success!

    SLEEP:  8:15 pm - 6:15 am (10 hrs) ---->  Feel a little sluggish, but not too bad.  I think I'm just emotionally drained.  This could be from too much sleep, but I really needed it.  Had a good dream about worshiping and praising God.  I was really wiped out and had to sleep early, as I couldn't continue.  The prior 2 nights, I didn't hardly sleep and the sleep was very poor.

    6:45 am - Heart Meds, 2 Probiotics, 2 EFAs
    11:45 pm - Heart Meds, 1 Mg capsule, 2 MSM capsules

    EATING:  Paleo+Dairy (Day 108)
    Meal 1 @ 7:45 am:  3-4 oz wild Alaskan cod w/fresh dill, almond meal, garlic powder, sea salt, ground pepper & egg (leftovers) ----> The dill gave this a surprising flavor.  Yum.

    Snack @ 11:45 am:   a banana, 1/2 oz raw almonds

    Meal 2 @ 1:45 am:  4 eggs scrambled sort of w/ground pepper & fresh dill, topped with shredded cheddar cheese ----> The dill was a great addition and tasted so very good.

    Post Workout Drink @ 6:15 pm:  I drank about 1/2 this (1 banana, 1 cup unsweetened coconut milk, 1 scoop Greens First powder, 3 scoops whey protein powder, 1 scoop ground flaxseed, a bunch of cinnamon, 1/2 cup frozen pineapples, 1.5 cups ice).

    Meal 3 @  8:00 pm:  a bunch of pinwheels (they were small - made with beans & cream cheese, spinach & whole wheat tortilla), had maybe 5-6 meatballs (from Costco), some Crystal Light peach mango iced tea

    Snack @ 10:15 pm:  5-6 potstickers (that's what my kids had for dinner and I just wanted them)


    WORKOUT:  Started workout a little after 5 pm

    Equipment Used:  Yoga matPolar Heartrate Monitor RS200SDGymBoss TimerSwiss Ball, softball sized massage ball, baseball sized massage ball, 2 tennis balls in a sock

    Warmup (2 rounds):  3:38
    • Pushups x 8 
    • Squats x 12
    • Spiderman Climbs x 10 total
    • Jumping Jacks x 20

    Funk Roberts - Spartacus 2.0 Week 10, Workout #3 (No Pain, No Gain), 1st time (3 rounds):  Each exercise is max reps in 60 sec followed with 15 sec rest all the way through.  90 seconds rest in between rounds. 1 Round = 12.5 min.  This is a 41.5 min. workout not including warmup and cooldown.

    Since it was requested that I don't post the details of what Funk's workouts are for this program, these last 2 weeks (9 & 10), you can actually get the workouts for free on his blog at Funk's Bodyweight Workouts.  I am doing the advanced version where it's 60:15 intervals with 90 sec rest between 3 rounds.  I am doing the "No Pain, No Gain" Workout.

    Cooldown:  16:02 ---> I focused mainly on my quads & IT bands.  This time, I used 2 tennis balls in a sock tied up.  This worked great to hit more areas.  I also use this on my back and heard it crack a bit.  Found if it do it too high on my back, this makes me nauseated.  Also did work on my psoas and glutes.

    Warmup:  Max HR = 136 bpm, Avg HR = 116 bpm
    Round 1:  Max HR = 142 bpm, Avg HR = 132 bpm
    Round 2:  Max HR = 151 bpm, Avg HR = 142 bpm
    Round 3:  Max HR = 159 bpm, Avg HR = 148 bpm
    Cooldown:  Max HR = 148 bpm, Avg HR = 123 bpm

    Total Time:  1:00:23
    Calories Burned:  831
    Max HR:  159 bpm
    Avg HR:  134 bpm

    Zone 1 = 15:56, Zone 2 = 9:45, Zone 3 = 12:35, Zone 4 = 12:48, Zone 5 = 0:38

    Notes:  This was a great workout and I really liked it.  I've been really demotivated to workout and I think it's psychological dealing with issues with my kids and things that happened last year this time.  I gave this my all and the results are great.

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