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Tues, 29-May-2012

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Goodness, I've really fallen off the bandwagon.  Did I write a post not too long about making right choices?

What did I eat today?  I skipped breakfast, which is a no-no!!!  HUGE NO NO!  Instead, I spent that time making nearly another 4 dozen of deviled eggs . . . actually, I think I used 21-22 eggs so times that by 2.  Yes, I love my math.

Made it late to my Day Life Group potluck by about 15 min.  It turned out only half of our life group showed up.  The central theme of food was:  LOTS of chips, 2 different types of mini-cream puffs (chocolate and plain - both of which are significantly evil), 3 different types of deviled eggs (I made 2 different types).  Our host provided the subway sandwiches.  There were some other mini-desserts like cinnamon rolls and cupcakes.  Not sure what else.

What did I have?  1 slice of subway sandwich with mustard and a little ranch dressing (white bread with some Italian meats), a bunch of chips (really liked the spicy stuff), a zillion evil chocolate and plain mini-cream puffs, and a bunch of deviled eggs.  Let's see . . . what was really allowable on my Paleo eating?  The deviled eggs.  Oh, the embarrassment.

Definitely I can add that eating starches, the sugar, the grains cause you to want MORE, and MORE, and MORE of these foods.  So, little piggy I was.  Those mini-cream puffs are super addictive.  You don't think it's that bad that you're eating a few of those little bite-sized things, and then like 100 puffs later . . . and now looking like the Michelin man!!!  EEEK!

I did feel a little tired maybe 2-3 hrs later, which eventually about 4-5 pm, ended with me taking a 2.5 hr nap or so.   Didn't get enough sleep last night, but forced myself to wake up early to make deviled eggs.  Today's deviled eggs were MUCH harder to peel, and I think that's due to maybe not letting them cook long enough OR not leaving them in ice water long enough, or the combination of both.

Anyway, this evening, I had leftover Indian Beef & Vegetable Curry I made last week served over Turmeric Cauli-Rice.  Very satisfying and doesn't cause those evil cravings.

LEARNINGS:  Definitely if you go to a social eating event, it's best to load up on eating protein & fat before going.  If it's brunch, make sure you have a hearty breakfast.  If it's dinner, make sure you have a really good breakfast and lunch, possibly snack with a nice amount of protein.  Unless you can control what is being brought or what is being served, try to go for the protein only options.  If you don't think there will be enough protein sources, opt to make sure you're pretty well satisfied BEFORE the social event, otherwise, if you're really hungry, you may dive into those foods that are not beneficial for you as I have been doing yesterday and today.

Tomorrow my potluck is in the evening and I have time before to get a workout done and to eat correctly.  Now I need to get into the discipline of waking up early enough, but making sure I go to sleep early enough, too.  Even though it's summer, I want to make sure to have a good routine.

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