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Sun, 27-May-2012

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Happy Pentecost!!!

How did my eating go today?  It went pretty good and stayed on track.

Breakfast - eggs with mozzarella AND greens protein smoothie (forgot what I put in this, but it had spinach, protein powder, banana, ground flaxseed, unsweetened coconut milk, ice at least, maybe strawberries, too)

Lunch - wild cod & veggies (zucchini, green & purple cabbage, brussel sprouts)

Dinner - homemade avocado kale ice cream (heavy cream, kale, avocado, banana, pineapple, whey protein, cinnamon, ice)

So, my eating, I feel much better NOT eating grains or starchy foods.  My stomach seems a little upset this evening, though.  Not sure why?

Worked on cropping and editing a lot of pictures that I took the past week.

Church was great and I got a lot of prayer today and felt the Holy Spirit's presence so powerfully.  It was sort of weird that I ended up getting sharp lower back pain (left side) and the top of my tummy (just below the rib cage) was hurting, as well as the area near my supra-illiac.  Not sure why.

This evening, my tummy has been not feeling so great and not sure if it was from prayer I received.  Anyway, great sermon by Pastor John.  It was a powerful Sunday, once again.

The afternoon was spent with friends from TVC at TG's place where the kids swam, ate pizza, and just chilled. Great time!

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