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I'm not going to copy and paste here regarding this food list, but my understanding of Paleo was natural, grainless, no dairy, no processed stuff - basically meat, veggies, fruit, nuts, oils, seeds.  Here's a list that I found on the internet:  Paleo Diet Food List

Honestly, I can see eating as naturally as possible.  I can even see the elimination of grain, as many people have gluten intolerances.  However, if this diet is based on Paleolithic people, I highly doubt they had diet soda, or wine, or beer.  Come on!  They also probably didn't have too much dried fruit.  Also, Mark Sisson and many Paleoists and Primalists do advocate chocolate.  I'm guessing they probably didn't have chocolate way back in those days, right?

Some of the things to avoid:

  • Chicken & turkey legs?  I doubt that a caveman would say, hmmmm . . . this is dark fatty meat.  I'm not going to eat this.
  • Honey?  That is naturally occurring and I'm sure there were bees back then.  Why not this?  Because it's high in sugar?
Anyway, I think some of the list is bogus.  I, for one, actually am doing better eating some fatty cuts of meat and now that my diet is a bit higher in fat, I'm able to lose bodyfat easier and feel better.  I'm not accustomed to a high fat diet, so that wouldn't work for me, but a moderate fat diet seems to do me well.

I do eat more than 6 eggs in a week.  Heck, I think today I've had 6 eggs, though, normally I would not eat THAT many eggs in one day.  They are a great source of complete proteins.

And, I do consume some amounts of dairy and my body is okay with it.  When I consume a lot, which I've never done, my body will vehemently tell me to stop.  So, little bits here and there, I seem to be okay.

When I get close to or reach my bodyfat goals, I'm thinking about adding amaranth, quinoa and buckwheat into my diet.  They are pseudo grains, but more like seeds.  They contain no gluten.  This would give me more variety.

What I don't understand right now is sometimes I see in some Paleo food bloggers, they use potato starch, gluten flour, and tapioca starch.  At some point, I may add a little starch back into my diet through the use of these, as well as things like sweet potatoes and winter squash.

In the end, it's really about doing what's right for you.  With some people, they seem to do alright with some moderate grains and if they can be healthy doing that, great.  I can't.  Those types of grains cause me to gain bodyfat and feel sick.  Corn makes me feel sick, too, as well as most soy.  

I've not really tried to use buckwheat, amaranth, and quinoa to see how my body feels.  But, that is something I plan on doing.

Anyway, here is a list of grains (didn't think flaxseed was a grain):  Grain List  This gives A LOT of information.

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