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Mon, 28-May-2012

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Today I was determined to make deviled eggs successfully.  We did not plan to attend another BBQ where we had to bring food, but we decided to go to the Ashbrook's BBQ as we were hoping to go to another BBQ, but were not invited.  That was okay.

Had an extra kid today, as I was watching a friend's son while she worked.  So, a part of me wanted to stay home and chill, do nothing, as I've had a social for the past 9 days in a row and today would make it the 10th day.  That's a lot of socials.

Got woken up at 5:30 am by my friend dropping off her son, but I was able to go back to sleep for another couple hours.  It still wasn't enough sleep as I went to bed late again, but not as late as the night before.  Yay God!

Had 6 dozen eggs in the frig.  We eat a lot of eggs, but I had already planned to make deviled eggs.  Really, I should've bought a total of 8 dozens.  Still hadn't decided what I was going to make for Tuesday Day Life Group Potluck.

Found a video on YT on how to successfully cook and peel hard-boiled eggs and it worked for me.  I boiled 22 eggs almost per the video and was able to successfully peel all the eggs without messing up.  A total miracle from God!  I will have recipes for what I made.

Made 2 different deviled egg recipes.  Had to go to McDonald's to buy ice and the freezer now has enough room for 2 bags.  It's cheaper to buy 2 bags than it is to buy 1 bag - well, cheaper per bag.  However, I found out the Power Ranch McDonald's is 20% more expensive than the on on Val Vista & Pecos.  But, it is closer and I needed to stop by Safeway to buy some cheese.  They have the best price for bags of 2 lb shredded mozzarella or cheddar cheese.  Most places sell this for $7.99-$10.99.  Costco actually is less expensive, but it's like 3-4 lbs and I don't want that much cheese.

My daughter helped me out with washing dishes & cleaning up, which helped save me time in what I was doing.  We were going to be about an hour late to the Ashbrook's.  They live not too far from ASU and we live over 20 miles away.

They have a REALLY cool house and my daughter and I were super impressed with how the house looked inside and the backyard.  Very inviting, clean, crisp, uncluttered, warm, friendly environment.  This is definitely a house that is made to entertain.  We were there for about 5 hrs enjoying the BBQ, swimming, socializing, eating.  Great times.

I did good with staying on track until I chose to eat 1 cookie.  That eventually led to probably eating a 1/2 dozen cookies and 3-4 brownies.  Actually, I lost count.  Also ate potato salad.  So, those were the foods I ate that were not good choices.

My body must be healing and getting better, as if I had eaten this food 2-3 months ago, I would've felt awful.  So, this is an improvement, but in order for me to really feel better and to continue to lose weight, elimination of these foods is best.

Taken lots of pictures and I have a life group potluck tomorrow morning/afternoon, as well as Wednesday evening (my kids will not be going to this one).  So more cooking.  Hopefully tomorrow I will stay on track.  Probably me not staying on track was due to not eating enough protein, as I did not consume hardly any meat while at the BBQ.  I forgot to bring meat to grill.  Duh!

Tomorrow I need to wake up early to make more deviled eggs.  I found 2 more recipes that I want to try.

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