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Fast Track & Spartacus 2.0 - Wk 9, Day 2, Tues 8-May-2012

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  • 109/71, 60 bpm - Got sleep so BP is lower.
  • I'm learning, yes, at a late age, that the first week or so of the month, it's really hard for me to be around people and I'm a lot more emotional (as well as irrational).  Thankfully I don't eat crappy foods, otherwise that would make things way worse.
  • If I plan to do just protein shakes, I will use the Cuisinart.  Using the same products in the Blendtec & Cuisinart, I don't need to add any xylitol in the Cuisinart, but I do the Blendtec.  Will forgo the ice.  
  • Most of my recipes are pretty easy to make in 1 batch or for 1 meal and maybe some leftovers, but when you have to triple, quadruple or more the recipe, it becomes a bit much.  Nearly 6 lbs of ground chicken thighs and making these into nuggets is a lot of work.  
  • I don't know if I'll have the energy to workout and to make the dipping sauces for the chicken nuggets.  
  • Need a nap.  This is the part of the month where my body needs extra sleep.
  • Sprouts hasn't had coconut flour in nearly 3 weeks in their bulk section.  I refuse to pay $7-9/lb for this.  Anyway, I bought coconut flakes and I guess if you break it down, it does end up to be $7-9/lb.  Crap.  I didn't realize this.
  • Anyway, I bought 2 coconuts.  Found some YT videos on how to make coconut milk, coconut flour, coconut butter, coconut flakes, coconut concentrate.  Each coconut is $1.69 regular price.  I wonder how much milk, flour, flakes I can make from this.
  • I learned how to make almond meal, or any nut meal.  Actually, I didn't realize my normal food processor could do this to any nut.  So, instead of pay $3.99/lb for almond meal, I can now make my own for $3.23/lb.  Not a huge savings, but I can make pecan meal, walnut meal (or flour), macadamia flour, pepita flour.  You get the point.
  • Similarly, I can take the nuts and grind it up for longer, add a little oil of my choice and make any nut butter for a lot less than is already sold.  There is a little more effort than bagging or buying it already made, but this way, I know what's in it.
  • Menu for Single Mom's Tonight:  Cilantro Chicken Nuggets w/Asian Dipping Sauce, Coconut Chicken Nuggets w/Chipotle BBQ Saucecheesecake, Apple-Pear Pie
  • Disappointed that I didn't get my workout done today, but I have been busy all day.  Guess I could've done it while I took a nap, but I was so wiped out.
    SMARTER GOAL:  Get all my cooking done for Single Mom's! ---->  Success!

    SLEEP:  10:30 am - 6:30 am (8 hrs) ---> Feel much better, but need more sleep.

    Nap:  1:45 pm - 2:45 pm (1 hr) ----> Felt beat from all the cooking.

    7:30 am - Heart Meds
    8:30 pm - Heart Meds, 1 Mg capsule

    EATING:  Paleo+Dairy (Day 100)
    Meal 1 @ 7:15 am:  2 scrambled eggs

    Tasting Food from 9:15 am - 1:15 pm - Just a little tasting of the things I'm making to make sure it tastes alright.

    Meal 2 @ 1:00 pm:  Protein Smoothie (2 scoops whey protein, xylitol, 1 scoop ground flaxseed, forgot cinnamon, 1 banana, 1 1/2 cups raw baby spinach, 1/2 lemon - peeled but rind still on, 1 cup ice, 1 cup unsweetened coconut milk) ----> I saw on a YT video the Blendtec demonstration guy put peeled off the outer rind but put the whole lemon in, including the white part of the rind, so I thought I might try this.  Couldn't tell, except for the 1 seed I forgot to take out.  It tasted pretty good.  In my Cuisinart blender, I cannot throw ice it in as it doesn't crush this well enough, but the Blendtec does.  However, I don't need to add xylitol to my smoothie, whereas I need to with the Blendtec as it doesn't taste sweet at all.  It's weird.  If I add a banana to the Cuisinart, it makes it too sweet, but not the Blendtec.

    Meal 3 @ 4:45 pm:  Tropical Protein Smoothie (fresh pineapple, unsweetened coconut milk, bananas, whey protein, water, ice, unsweetened coconut flakes) ----->  I didn't feel more like cooking and my kids are enjoying the smoothies.  Used 1/2 a fresh pineapple that I bought today and a couple bananas.  This was not super sweet, but I did not want to add any xylitol to sweeten it more.

    Meal 4 @ 6:45 pm:  not sure how many cilantro chicken nuggets, coconut chicken nuggets, a small slice of cheesecake with apple-pear pie, and some of Linda's strawberry & greens salad.

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