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Fast Track & Spartacus 2.0 - Wk 10, Day 4, Thurs, 17-May-2012

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  • 121/78, 66 bpm - My BP still isn't good.  I couldn't fall asleep until late last night, and I ate some things last night I should not have, so my body is probably still recovering from this.
  • I'm mildly sore this morning.  My lower back is really sore from those Superwomans yesterday.
  • Glad I got to help out my son's 3rd grade teacher today.  Haven't been volunteering as much in 2012 as I did in 2011.
  • Spent about 3.5 hrs with the IRS today.  Talked to 5-6 people about my situations from several different departments.  Got some progress in one area, but was disappointed that the outcome in another area was negative.  The guy in that department refused to explain to me why.  So, I'm going about finding out the answer to my WHY question a different way.  Everyone but that guy was helpful.  Anyway, it's always best to keep in communications with the IRS if you have tax issues.  I waited for them for 6 months to communicate with me, but they have not, so I contacted them.  I will call in 2-3 weeks to follow up to see if there is an answer to my WHY question.  What I couldn't accomplish in weeks of calling, I finally got a lot done in these 3.5 hrs.  Thank you, Jesus!
  • Guess I could've actually done my workout while on HOLD with the IRS, because I know one of the transferred had me on hold at least 45 min, which would've given me about enough time to at least do warm-up and the workout, just not cooldown.
  • Today wasn't too bad, except for all the time with the IRS (but I did make progress here) and my sleep being off.
    SMARTER GOAL:  Get my workout done ----> Failed.  Spent 3.5-4 hrs with the IRS.  Finally getting somewhere, but it was not good news.

    SLEEP:  2:00 am - 7:15 am (5.25 hrs) ----> I went to bed about 12:30 am (my bad), but couldn't fall asleep.  Was wired.  Must've been the Crystal Light I drank last night at life group.  It tastes so good, but I'm really feeling the tiredness this morning, but otherwise, I feel fine.

    Nap:  10:45 am - 1:30 pm (2.75 hrs) ----> I was so wiped out.  Thought I was going to sleep for an hr and it turned out to be almost 3 hrs.  Combine this with last night and it gives me 8 hrs.

    8:30 am - Heart Meds, 2 Probiotics, 2 EFAs, 2 MSM
    8:30 pm - Heart Meds, 2 MSM

    EATING:  Paleo+Dairy (Day 109)
    Meal 1 @ 8:45 am:   2/3 cup lowfat cottage cheese, 1/2 oz raw almonds, cinnamon, 1/2 cup fresh blackberries

    Meal 2 @ 10:15 am:  3 eggs over easy, cheddar cheese, 3 slices of no nitrite bacon ----> I was still super hungry.

    Snack @ 2:00 pm:  a banana & 2 slices bacon

    Meal 3 @  7:45 pm:  a cup of ground sirloin w/orange pepper, eggplant, onions, curry powder and sea salt ----> easy & simple meal.  Made part of it while I was on hold with the IRS (my daughter was manning the phone for me)

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