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Fri, 25-May-2012

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I will get back to my normal blogging next week, hopefully.

Today was my children's last day of school for this school year.  Goodbye 6th grade.  Goodbye 3rd grade.  Today I got a lot done, but nothing super healthwise, at least my normal stuff in terms of eating and exercise.

Last night I did get 7 hrs of sleep, but loaded with dreams.  But, I got up roaring to go, showered, dressed, made my kids breakfast instead of having them make it.  Barely got to school on time, with maybe 2 minutes to spare.  Awful to be late on the last day of school, eh?  We weren't.  Thank you, Jesus!

Did our gratitudes, prayed, kissed & hugged them, let them run off to their last day of classes.  I went to catch up on a bill (now I'm caught up . . . yay!) and run some errands.  Came back to the school to find out my son really wanted kids to sign his shirt, but he had no shirt.  So, off to the Dollar Store I go to get him and his sister a shirt for people to sign, and of course, permanent markers.  One of the girls in my son's class said she was bummed the nurse didn't have any spare shirts that she and another girl could have for signing.  She didn't know I was going out to get my son & daughter shirts, so I picked them each up a shirt - 4 shirts.

Of course, the Dollar Store I went to had no white shirts that were big enough for the 4 kids, so I bought other light colored shirts they could still see writing on and found a 4 pack of black permanent markers.  I told each kid that I wanted the markers back at the end of the day.  Guess how many markers I got back (I handed out 1 to each of the 4 kids)?  I got FOUR markers back without having to remind any of the kids.  Praise God!!!

After school let out at 12:15 pm, the kids and I ran some more errands (grocery store and library).  We were to go to Costco, but I just didn't want to go to 1 more place.  The weather was really nice at just above 90° F and breezy.  It didn't feel like 92° F, but that's what my car said was the outside temp.  It really felt like the low 80s.  Very pleasant.  Thank you, Jesus!

When we got home, I made the kids and I a pitcher of a spinach-banana-mango protein smoothie, made with unsweetened almond milk, cinnamon, ground flaxseed, and whey protein.  Oh, and at least for the summer, there will always be ice in the smoothies, shakes, or ice cream.  Kids put away the groceries.  That was our lunch.

Forgot to add, since I was sooooo hungry, I did have A LOT of some spicy Doritos.  Yes, I know.  That is NOT going to help the 3 pounds more that I weighed today that I didn't weigh last Saturday.  EEEK!!!

Chatted with a friend from Colombia for awhile.  My Spanish is getting better ever so slowly.  But, I was tired and had to have a nap, which lasted 2 hrs.

Got up to make a modified crockpot version of this Paleo Chunky Chili:

I took pictures (sort of) of what I did.  Sorry no video from me.  I will be sharing what I did and tell you how it turned out.  Instead, I used a crockpot and as I write this, it's simmering in the crockpot.

Finally I used the coffee grinder that my first ex-husband left behind.  It came in handy to grind the dried chipotle pepper I got.  Anyway, I will share tips in my recipe sometime soon.

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