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I just wanted to touch briefly on this subject.  As a growing Paleo-ist, I read in some of the food bloggers that are Paleo-ists that everything they use is organic.  But, I realize that not every person in my life or even if they aren't, that buying organic in everything is either not possible due to unavailability in their area, or that's it's not economically feasible.

As I read in one of Mark Sisson's books, which I really liked, he talked about choices.  There are truly bad food choices to eat, then there are good, better and best.  The BEST is organic, no pesticides, no hormones, no GMO, no antibiotics, all naturale.  That goes not only for produce, but as well as meats, nuts/seeds, oils, etc.

Let me address meats.  Sometimes it is within my budget to get grass fed red meat, or free range poultry, but sometimes it isn't.  However, eating poultry is still better than eating a bunch of grain based (like wheat) pasta day-after-day or eating from McDonald's.  The latter 2 would be really bad.  Eating the poultry, albeit NOT free range, is good.  And, if I prepare the poultry not using any grains, starches and keep it low sugar, that's better.  What would make it best is being free range, organic from a local grower that feeds the chickens good stuff and not corn crap.

So, don't be discouraged if you don't have all the right tools, or can't get all the BEST products.  It's not within my budget to afford all these things either, but just by simply eliminating grains & starches, going low sugar, I'm already making a BETTER choice.  When my finances allow, I do buy the BEST I can.  It may be for only 1 meal out of 30 meals, but little by little, as God provides.  Maybe next year, all the products & tools I have will be the best, but it's a process of getting there.

There is a range of making better decisions, so if going from where you are all the way to grainless & starchless is too much, then maybe reducing the amount of grains & starches you ate would be a start, and maybe substituting sprouted grain bread for the white (wonder) bread you currently eat.  That would be a better choice.  You can do this in stages.

This is a marathon and not a sprint.

So, you can even take my recipes and buy all organic, partial organic, or non-organic.  Even if you buy none organic, the fact that most of my recipes are grainless, starchless and low sugar, you will STILL greatly benefit from this.

Even all that is prepared organic and it says, there is still something that may be put in foods to allow them a longer shelf life.  I'm excited at maybe the possibility of making my own nut butters & flours, as these are specialty items that cost quite a bit.  If I can make my own stuff, that would allow me a luxury for pretty inexpensive!  That would be best, but for now, I have to get what the stores offer when it's affordable to me.

Always evaluate if this is the best choice you can make . . .

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