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Fast Track & Spartacus 2.0 - Wk 9, Day 6, Sat, 12-May-2012

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  • 110/68, 58 bpm - Honestly, I'm surprised my BP is this low considering I was awake for a few hrs in the middle of the night, but the net sleep was about 7.5 hrs, so that must count.
  • Today going to my niece's 1st yr birthday party.  Happy Birthday, MD!
  • My son is going to a last minute birthday party and it's now stressing me out.  I overbooked things and now I have extra driving to do and no time for it, but I already committed to it!  Drat!
  • Found out I ran out of eggs, so I had to run to the store for this.  Ugggh.  I rarely run out of eggs, but I did not go to Trader Joe's last Sunday.
  • Did some beauty treatment stuff at home for my hair and face.  Should've done it Thursday.  My bad, so this makes me more pressed for time.
  • Maintained basically this week with a slight increase in my weight that is negligible and even small losses in 3 parts of my body.  However, in my video, I actually look slimmer this week than last, which is really astounding.  Definitely from my very first video in late January, you can definitely tell I've been losing.  Hopefully in 3-4 months from now, it'll look even better.  My tummy IS going down.
  • My daughter helped me make the coconut chicken nuggets for my sister and her family.  This was a tremendous help.  I made all the nuggets and she "fried" them in coconut oil.  When you do it by yourself, you have to keep washing your hands because of the raw chicken and it's a pain.  We made almost 70 and gave a little over 40 to them.  Hope they like them.  They are best fresh.
  • Got my son to his birthday party of all boys his age, which tearing him away early wasn't something he wanted to go to a party with a lot of little girls.  However, he survived.
  • Got to go to my little niece's 1 yr party - lots of people and lots of Asians.  Had a lot of fun and they had a ton of foods I love, but I avoided most of it.  Could not resist eating 4 eggrolls, some fruit, and rice krispies.  Avoided everything else, though, I wanted to eat those things.  That probably wouldn't have happened, except that I had very little to eat prior, and I was so hungry.
  • The Beef Cambodian Curry went first and I was disappointed because it was the only dish that I could truly eat, though, I did get some.
  • Took tons of pictures.
  • All the activities didn't allow me time to workout.  
    SMARTER GOAL:  Make it to 2 birthday parties, make dinner for my sister & her family, do my progress updates, stay with Paleo eating ---> I missed with the eating a little

    SLEEP:  9:00 pm - 1:30 am, 4:00 am - 7:00 am (7.5 hrs) ---> Felt tired and a bit pukey, but I have a lot to do and cannot afford to sleep longer.

    11:45 am - Heart Meds
    9:30 pm - Heart Meds

    EATING:  Paleo+Dairy (Day 104)
    Meal 1 @ 9:45 am:  2 squares 85% dark chocolate, 1/2 oz raw almonds

    Meal 2 @ 1:00-1:45 pm:  some coconut chicken nuggets (probably about 8-10)

    Meal 3 @ 5:00-7:00 pm:  a bowl of Beef Cambodian Curry served over shredded veggies (no noodles), 2 fruit kabobs (cherry, berries, pineapple), 4 eggrolls (they were small), 3 rice krispies, a bunch of large strawberries

    Meal 4 @ 9:00 pm:  a bowl of spicy Beef & Veggies Thai Curry ----> Was so hungry when I came home.  The parties had so much food, but I ate very little.  I felt better after eating this.

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