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Wed, 30-May-2012

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I was hoping that I would have time today to get my workout in, but I have been totally busy all day, much of the time spent either at my computer catching up on some blogging of recipes I've made the past week, which has seemed like a lot.  Just noticed that I did not include an Indian Curry dish I made last week, which I will put in my blog tomorrow.  Just too tired today, as I did 14 recipes today.  Still need to add pictures to the deviled eggs.

Have not done well with my water drinking or eating today.  Skipped breakfast and lunch, but nibbled on some stuff my son made me.  Had a protein-greens drink that had kale, unsweetened almond milk, fresh fruit, ice, cinnamon before life group, but since I hadn't really eaten hardly anything all day, this was not enough.

Making the moussaka turned out to be more challenging than I anticipated.  Originally I thought this recipe would take about 1.5 hrs just me doing it alone, but it ended up taking 2.5 hrs with both my kids helping me greatly.  Without their help, it would've taken me at least 4 hrs to do.  Since I cook eggplant on a normal basis, I have ideas how to do my Chinese version of Moussaka the next time, to cut down at least 30 min. of this time.

As I was pulling out of the driveway to go to life group, I learned that my kids could attend with me, so they jumped in quickly, excited they could come.  We got to life group on time and were the first ones there.  We had a great turn out, eventually, as people drifted in over an hour's period.  It was just a fun, hang out, game night.  Only the kids actually played games.  The adults just chatted and mingled.  Nice time.

I ate some things that were not Paleo friendly - some pita bread, a small slice of hamburger cake (a cake in the shape of a burger and fries - very cute), dolmades (grape leaves stuffed with rice & lamb).  That was about it.  Most of the foods were Paleo friendly.  So very glad.  People mainly brought Mediterranean foods, not Middle Eastern.  I'm good with either.

Greek Salad, Quinoa, Dolmades, Moussaka

Chicken Schwarma, lettuce, tomatos, tahini sauce, pita
I did better at this potluck not eating too much sugar.  My piece of cake was really small and I wanted another one, but thankfully, it was gone before I could get more.  Praise God!

Left life group way earlier than normal, but I was tired.  Looking forward to not doing much the next 2 days, just a few short errands, but otherwise, just hanging out at home, catching up on the 2 weeks I'm now behind in my gratitude journal and a list of other things.

Thursday and Friday I must workout and get back on track with my eating.  My daughter reminded me that at the rate I've gone the past 3 days, my results on Saturday when I do my weekly progress report, that won't be good.  She even poked my belly fat.  Nice.

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