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Can I Make A Grainless, Starchless Pasta?

I'm learning a lot regarding eating no grains, no starch, and low sugar.  Low sugar is probably the easiest at times, but lately, I want to eat things like tortillas, pasta, desserts.  But, I'm not really craving the foods I used to eat, but I am wondering whether I can make real pasta without using any type of gluten flour or starches.

This evening, I'm googling making pasta from coconut flour or a nut flour and it doesn't seem to be something that either people have tried (which I highly doubt) or that they've been successful at doing this.  My dad will let me borrow his pasta attachment for his KitchenAid, so in the near future, I am going to experiment whether I can make a starchless, grainless pasta using coconut or a nut flour.  If I do, JACKPOT!

I know you can use the flours I can use to make breads, tortillas, many types of desserts, but I just haven't seen anyone master the pasta thing.  Maybe that is my niche?  LOL.  Guess what intrigued me was seeing that the KitchenAid attachment can make macaroni was really cool.  I was thinking having mac & cheese (using raw cheese and heavy cream for the sauce) with coconut flour macaroni elbow noodles.  Wouldn't that be cool?

Coconut flour is very, very dense, as there is no gluten in coconut.  I made a bread with this and it was very dense.  So, when using coconut flour, you basically need to add 1 egg/1 oz of coconut flour.  That would make a very liquidy dough, so coconut flour may not work, but maybe almond flour might?  I don't know.

We'll see.


Zachary Maltais said...

have you found a recipe that works?? my family is on a starchless /wheatless diet and its hard for an italian lady like me to give up pasta! id love to know how ur search goes! thanks for sharing in advance :D

xtraordinarymommy said...

I did find a place in Colorado that made some pastas from almond flour. I did not buy any because it was prohibitively expensive for me.

It's at

You can also buy kelp noodles, spaghetti squash, or for lasagna noodles, you can use sliced eggplant or zucchini or another type of squash noodle.

We also got a spiralyzer where we can make thin spaghetti like noodles with zucchini, carrots, apples, turnips, etc. We love it.

Here is a recipe that I have not tried but looks doable:

Lastly, these are basically vegetable pastas:

Hope that helps.



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