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Fast Track & Spartacus 2.0 - Wk 8, Day 7, Sun, 29-Apr-2012

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  • BP - 128/80, 56 bpm - Boy, my BP is high.  I'm thinking I needed a lot more sleep.  Plus, I woke up really startled this morning as I was in a super deep sleep and then awakened by my alarm. 
  • I'd like to make a meal for the Salazar's who just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.  Maybe in a couple weeks. 
  • Cooking again for life group this week again and nothing with regards to this life group until the end of May.  
  • I'd like to make my sister & her husband another meal to bless them, as she's not hardly sleeping and could use a good meal.  She has her hands full with their little new baby.
  • My stomach has been cramping.  Was hoping that I wouldn't get this, which I haven't had in a long time. Ugggh.  Maybe I need to work on my psoas and that is tight.  PMS.
  • Am looking forward to working out tomorrow again.  Hope my knee is feeling better.  Going to take it easier and still not go super deep on squats and lunges.
  • Sorta kneeled today briefly in my Sunday School class.  No pain, but I felt sensitive towards this.
  • Get a 3 month break from teaching Sunday School, which is a long time, but I teach in August again.  Love those little children, especially when they memorize God's Word.  They are smart!
  • Breakthrough (plus bribery from the parent) in one of my little Warriors finally participating verbally in class after months of observing.  I'm sooo happy, but it was my last Sunday for awhile.  But, it will be good for me to go to church services again.
  • Yesterday I almost sliced off my finger.  Sure could've used my 8-yr old's invention that is a finger guard to help prevent that.  I'll have him make me a few to put in the kitchen.
  • I'm ecstatic that I don't feel like I felt last Sunday, which was awful.  However, my eating has been good.
  • Almost ate some tumeric brown rice today as I felt too lazy after church to make cauli-rice.  Since my tummy was cramping, decided that since I haven't had rice in over 3 months, real rice, no point starting on a day that my tummy doesn't feel good.
  • It excites me to be able to share my recipes and food with others, and have them enjoying it.  David at church was knocking my "healthy" cookies, but after he ate one, he wanted another.  However, there was one teenager that was honest with me and said he did not like my cookie.  That's cool and I appreciate the honesty.

SMARTER GOAL:   Not take too long a nap.

SLEEP:  11:45 pm - 7:15 am (7.5 hrs) - I really needed more sleep.  Yesterday did a lot of cooking and just plum tired.

Nap:  3:30 pm - 5:15 pm (1.75 hrs) - Need my Sunday afternoon shaft.

8:15 am - Heart Meds, 6 Women's Multi-Vitamins w/Iron, 2 EFAs, 3 Probiotics
8:15 pm - heart meds, 1 Mg capsule

EATING:  Jorge Cruise's Fast Track Menu (Day 91)
Meal 1 @ 10:00 am:  1 slice of pizza from last night (homemade), 1 Laura's Amazing Pumpkin Cookies

Snack @ 11:15 am:  1 Laura's Amazing Pumpkin Cookies

Meal 2@ 2:15 pm: - 3/4 cup cauli-rice (cauliflower, cilantro, sesame oil, tumeric, sea salt, ground pepper), 1/2 cup Brazilian Curry Chicken, 1/2 cup sauteed zucchini (seasoned with sea salt, garlic powder, ground pepper, and grapeseed oil), 1 Laura's Amazing Pumpkin Cookie

Snack @ 5:45:  1 Laura's Amazing Pumpkin Cookie

Meal 3 @ 6:45 pm - 3/4 cup cauli-rice, 1 cup Brazilian Curry Chicken

Treat @ 8:15 pm - 4 squares of 85% dark chocolate, 1 oz walnuts

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