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Fast Track & Spartacus 2.0 - Wk 7, Day 5, Fri, 20-Apr-2012

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  • BP - 124/83, 54 bpm - Not enough sleep & alarm woke me up.  Always startling.  Knee hurting.  Thus, it's not a surprise with bad sleep last night, waking up early, alarm sounding, and not enough sleep my BP is higher.
  • Did some papertrading this morning.  Following one's good trading plan sure is way more profitable than willy nilly trading.  Duh!  
  • I'm not feeling right this morning.  Think I'll go back to sleep.  Autostops are placed on my trade.
  • Honestly, I feel physically pathetic this morning.  Injuries STINK!  My whole well-being centers on how I feel physically right now and I feel as if I'm being held back.
  • I papertraded the ES today - 6 trades with 13.75 pts.  Also made a trading video to put in my trading blog.  That was fun.  Boy, I wish I had real money to trade with.  This week on 3 day's of trading, 42.25 pts.  That would've been a profit of $2048 using 1 contract ($500).  That's about 12 hrs worth of work.  That's about $170/hr, which is way more than what I get paid or have ever in my writing or engineering career.  I know, papertrading is easier.  But, even if it was half that, that is still excellent.
  • It appears people are more interested in seeing me in my progress bikini then they are seeing me in workout outfits or clothes, as those videos are getting more hits.  The demographics of males & females is pretty skewed.  Seems my videos appeal more to men by 72% than women.  Hopefully they aren't creepy men.  Thankfully I don't show my face.  It's much easier to make a stock trading video.
  • Did karate with my kids some, just upper body.  Learned how to break someone's ribs, wrist and elbow.  Fun stuff.  Actually, those were pretty dangerous moves.
  • I've iced my knee a few times today.  Tomorrow I'm going to start doing some actual knee exercises hopefully.
  • Mentally I'm having a really hard time today.  I really want to do the workout, as I really loved the workouts.  Feeling sorta depressed because it seems like one thing after another - being sick with this cough, a period that has lasted far too long, knee injury, sleep is off.
  • This week I've been on a chicken kick.  Last week, I think it was eggplant.  Still love the eggplant.

SMARTER GOAL:   Take Alleve.  Not sure beyond that.

SLEEP:  12:00 am - 6:00 am (6 hrs) - This was not a solid sleep as my left knee pain kept waking me up.

9:30 am - 10:15 am (0.75 hr) - Just didn't really feel like snoozing.

7:00 am - Heart Meds, 6 Women's Multi-Vitamins w/Iron, 2 EFAs, 2 MSMs
9:15 am - 1 Alleve's (got some at WalMart this morning), icing down knee
9:30 pm - Heart Meds, 1 Mg capsule, 2 MSMs, Alleve - more icing knee

EATING:  Jorge Cruise's Fast Track Menu (Day 82)
Meal 1 @ 7:00 am: a handful of roasted & unsalted cashews (I should've just gotten raw cashews)

Meal 2@ 8:30 am: - 3 eggs over easy with a little sea salt & cayenne pepper, Jalepeno yogurt dip

Snack @ 1:15 pm - handful of roasted/unsalted cashews ----> I probably won't be buying anymore cashews as they are expensive and addictive

Meal 3 @ 2:15 pm - 2 chicken patties with jalepeno yogurt dip ---> more icing of my knee.  It's feeling pretty stiff.

Meal 4 @ 4:00 pm - 4 oz roasted chicken, a little cashews, 1/2 cup Net Zero Powerade (I know, this was awful)

Meal 5 @ 7:15 pm - roasted chicken stir fry with eggplant & zucchini sauteed w/bacon, cayenne pepper, sea salt and a little grapeseed oil


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