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One of the goals I had for the next 4 weeks was to do double workouts on the days I workout, which is 5 days a week.  However, today I think I just got talked out of it.  My friend, LH, has been pretty much right about everything so far, and she thinks it's a bad idea for me to do 2 workouts a day.  Since, my background is over exercising and insulin resistance type issues.

She said if I wanted to burn more calories throughout the day, that wasn't the way.  She said to do 1 min. workouts every hour for every hour I'm awake.  Just 1 min.  Scott Colby, last year, when I couldn't manage to eek out his shorter workouts, suggested I do 1 min. workouts a few times a day to keep my metabolism up throughout the day.

So, my friend, LH, is basically saying the same thing, but she's saying do it through the whole day.  Doesn't matter what the exercise is so as it gets your heartrate up.  I have a ton of these exercises, but will post a list sometime soon.

This week, I still have 2 workouts from last week I need to makeup.  1 is a Spartacus and 1 is a Free Workout.  So, there will be 2 days that I will do double workouts.

I'm finding that doing 2 full workouts a day my hunger greatly increases and I don't like that.  LH said that me doing the 1 min. exercises should not ramp up my appetite like it is doing right now.  She said the 2 workouts/day is causing too much oxidative stresses to my body.  Okay.

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